Cravings satiated…

LOL… this is going to be a very short entry, cuz I’m really beat. Just came back from ‘lousang’ with my evil sisters , and I can barely move… I ate too much, I suppose. I wanted to write something about that, but that will have to wait til my unofficial photographer email me the pics.

Anyway, I’ve been having loads of cravings lately…(no, I’m not pregnant… not that I know of… ummmm…. ummm!) and among them are fried rice, salted fish as well as pickled mangoes. LOL.

Well, most of my cravings has been satiated, though not indefinitely. Hahaha…Smallkucing has somehow managed to convince his Mamarazzi to make me a jar of pickled mangoes as well as buy me salted fish during their recent trip back to hometown. 😀

Pickled mangoes, made specially for me by none other than Smallkucing’s mummy, Mamarazzi.

Scary looking salted fish, but don’t let the looks fooled you. This tastes heavenly when it’s fried and eaten with plain steamed rice. (This one, however, is more suitable to be cooked in curry)

And as for fried rice…Ms. Anonymous fried some for me and stuffed it to me during my lousang session earlier on. You see, it’s not that I don’t know how to cook fried rice, but it’s just that sometimes you get so sick of your own cooking that you wish that you can have someone else’s cooking. I guess that’s what happened to me when I craved for Ms. Anonymous’ fried rice.

Geez…. I really did not expect her to cook fried rice for me. After all, we were having our ‘lousang’ session together and food will be abundant. LOL… I was really shocked when Ms. Anonymous told me that she made fried rice for me. Gosh…my friends are so kind and thoughtful, and I have no idea how to repay them besides saying thank you, and hope that God will bless them and their loved ones always.

Cleffairy: Having thoughtful friends who keep you in their hearts no matter where they go is indeed a blessing from up above. Eating in a humble restaurant with them beats dining in an expensive hotel.


  1. kathy says:

    woi…found out who give u the chicken yet ah? Not me ah.

    My MIL was horrified to see I buy ikan masin during CNY la..some more say wanna kasi ppl one hahahaha

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha…. yea… eat with porridge or plain rice very nice. This ikan kering that Kat bought for me more suitable to cook curry… but I’ll make sure I take away the meaty part to fry first… else wasted. LOL!

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