Customizable Japanese Delights at Okonomi, Publika

Are you a Japanese food fan? If you are, then there’s one place that is a must try; Okonomi Restaurant.

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Located in Publika, this restaurant offers a wonderful array of Japanese food for your gastronomic pleasure. Even better? It is actually a restaurant that allows you to actually play and experiment with flavours as it serves ‘sushi as you like it’ where diners can mix and match 40 choices of fillings, 16 types of toppings & 20 sauces to create their own ‘maki’ sushi rolls.

My husband and I managed to give it a try and here’s sharing with you what we had about two weeks back:

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Ordering a customized sushi can be a bit tricky, but fret not. The staffs are very helpful in guiding you on how to mix and match your sushi. Basically all you need to do is just choose a base of white or brown rice with seaweed or soy wrap, then select the size of your roll – a six-piece ‘small’ (RM13.90++) comprises three regular fillings (a premium filling results in a RM5++ surcharge), one topping & one sauce, while ‘medium’ (RM16.90++) features four fillings & ‘large’ (RM19.90++) boasts five. You may also tempurized your selection when it is all wrapped up.

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I wasn’t feeling very adventurous during our visit, and therefore I decided to play safe. I customized this tempurized maki; it consists of white rice with seaweed wrap with tamago, Hokaido crabmeat and topped with bonito flakes and mentai mayo dressings. I decided to tempurized it and it turns out pretty good and the taste pretty much reminded me of the Takoyaki. I was actually pretty tempted to make a second but goes against that idea as I wanted to try something else on the menu.

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Unlike me, my husband prefer cold and a tad raw when it comes to his sushi, and theforefore his creation consists of more raw items inside as the fillings. If I remembers correctly, he opt for salmon, marinated lobster and pickles topped with mayo dressings. I sampled some of his, and I have to say although he likes it, I find the combination was pretty weird.

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Our guest also tried the customizable salad. I couldn’t really remember what she decided to toss in but it was also a pretty good combination.

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Envious of our guest’s yummylicious salad, I wanted a bowl too. But I did not want to customize mine and therefore I picked one from the house menu instead. This is the Avacado Prawn Salad . Wonderful and refreshing combination, I must say. The portion was huge too and could easily satisfy small eaters like me.

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We also shared this plate of Soft Shell Crab Pasta. The crab was adeptly fried and the pasta were flooded with some sort of flavourful sesame gravy. This is not too heavy a meal actually, and great for those who wants a comforting meal for their tummy.

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Sushi Chicken Burger was a bit challenging to eat as we had no skills whatsoever to dissect it nicely, but tastewise the burger was simply splendid.

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We’re suckers for dessert. And we ordered 3 of em to satisfy our need for a sweet ending. The first was Matcha Anmitsu. A combination of matcha flavoured soft served ice cream with red bean paste.

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Matcha Lava Cake was a splendid creation. The cake was baked to perfection and when it was cut through, it was practically oozing with thick green tea goodness.

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Chocolate Waffle was rich and satisfying and ut definitely won my heart that day.

Overall, it was an interesting dining experience and we thought that it is a great concept, especially for couples who couldn’t agree on what to eat and would like to sample food items that they have never tried before.

For more information on Okonomi, please refer to the information below;

A4-G2-02 Solaris, Dutamas, No.1 Jalan Dutamas,
Publika KL.
(below red bean bag/ next to Old Town white coffee & Nearby)

Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm Daily.

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