Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia in Negeri Sembilan with Sahabat Media

Following our previous trip, Negeri Sembilan, a state known for its Adat Pepatih became the next destination for the Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia Sahabat Media, Visit Malaysia 2014  program. Here’s sharing the recap of the 3D2N trip to Negeri Sembilan. 🙂 Sahabat Media entourage arrived Klana Resort Seremban.


The resort is located within the park, surrounded by trees greenery. Nestled calmly in the heart of Seremban,  Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, Klana Resort is the epitome of a classic business-resort styled hotel amidst a sprawling green landscape, it is the perfect getaway. The resort offers a variety of incredible conveniences for a travelers, be it for business or leisure. Klana Resort Seremban is also famous as one of the best team building location. Here we had a chance to try some team building activities such as flying fox and abseiling. Forces that oversees the program team building here pretty experienced and trained.

While enjoying refreshments, a press conference was held. Then we had lunch in Xinjiang Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant in Klana Resort Seremban. If you are a Muslim, no worries about eating there because the restaurant is certified halal and the chef, Chef Ho Tui Kit is experienced in Chinese Muslim cuisine. The menu should be tried is deep fried cod fish with Thai Sauce, braised shark fin soup with crab meat, chicken with dried chilli and cashew nuts and many more. Klana Resort Seremban also offers a Japanese restaurant, Yuri Japanese Restaurant too.
 photo MJ1_2257_zps919bd26a.jpg
Klana Resort Seremban has also taken the initiative to introduce Klana Steamed Nasi Lemak. Steamed nasi lemak special is the specialty of Shura, Celebrity Master Chef.

 photo MJ1_2452_zpsead7a8cc.jpg
In evening, traditional games competitions as konda-Kondi, pull the stork nut and coconut bowling was held at the Istana Seri Menanti. Some of those players who never play konda life-Kondi.

 photo MJ1_2490_zps4da81527.jpg

By dinner, we all were treated to Negeri Sembilan Traditional Food in the ‘Makan Bersilo’.


Our accommodation. Guest Room Features individually controlled air-conditioning, separate shower and bath as well as private balconies in every rooms here in Klana Resort.

For reservation and room bookings:

Klana Resort Seremban
PT 4388, Jalan Penghulu Cantik, Taman Tasik Seremban,
70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.
Tel:(606) 766 7888 Fax: (606) 766 7999




On the second day,  as early as eight o’clock in the morning, we were all taken to the Seri Menanti Resort. For golf enthusiasts, you can try to play here because the fields are quite challenging. According to Mr. Ibrahim, who hails from Kuala Lumpur, the golf course is quite challenging because it is hilly and narrow.

 photo MJ1_2601_zps64526e32.jpg

Sahabat Media also get to see a Majlis Berendoi where the event aims to celebrate the birth of a baby. Islam encourages shaving a baby up so that all  all the dirt that comes out of the uterus can be removed and thus allowing new hair to grow healthily. There was also berzanji and marhaban during the Majlis Berendoi.

Last but not least, Sahabat Media were brought to Starfresh Agro Park. It is a place that has a restaurant, livestock, spa and much more in the same place.Starfresh Agro Park has farm animals and a restaurant be be rest assured, cleanliness is tip top here and no odors or animal feathers flying around. Starfresh Agropark was built in 1985 but at that time there were only fruit plantations . In 2009, it was developed into one of the agro-tourism attraction.

Here in Starfresh Agropark, Chinese Muslims, steamboat, Thai Cuisine and Western cuisine can be found too. Most vegetables that is used in the dishes are harvested from the farm at the back of the restaurant. There are various herbs like cat whiskers, an elephant’s trunk and various other herbs over here. Besides the restaurant, there are also other attractions such as paintball, spa, dorm halls, fruit orchards, livestock areas, and more.

Interested to visit? Here is the information on it:

StarFresh Agro Park
Lot 2599, 12KM Jalan Seremban,
Kuala Pilah,
70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Tel: 606-6794288
Fax: 606-6782628


Our 3D2N trip ended too soon and Sahabat Media journey in Negeri Sembilan ends here. 🙂

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