Daily food delivery?

Cooking is quite a feat for me these days. I don’t feel as if I’m enjoying the process anymore. The price of groceries is simply too high these days and I find that it’s really hard to stick to the budget each time I shop for groceries. It’s really depressing to plan a few meals a day when you have a tight budget to consider.

Each time I shop, the total amount spent is usually more than RM200 and the stuff bought can only last for a week or so, and it will have to be resticked before I know it. The worst part is that I still have to make an effort to spend time in the kitchen for daily meals after all the troubles going to the groceries and whatnot. 🙁 That is just pathetic in my opinion. Not enjoyable at all.

Counting the terrible monthly expenditures for the groceries alone, it is much cheaper and convenient to just dine out in food courts and whatnot. But then again, dining out consumes alot of time. And I just hate going out to crowded food courts daily. 🙁

Right at the moment, I’m seriously considering daily food delivery service where I can subscribe to their service and have balanced dishes delivered to my doorstep on weekdays. It would be a much better alternative, don’t you think? Considering that you only need to pay Rm200 max per month for the dishes you ordered daily (usually for lunch or dinner) . That would be much cheaper than cooking myself everyday. My weekly grocery bills is much more expensive than catered food, mind you.

I’ve discussed with my husband about it and he agreed that subscribing to such service would not only enable us to save more money and allow us to eat a more balanced meal, but I will also be able to spend my time doing things that matters more like tutoring the boy, studying, write my novels and perhaps go for a daily swim in the evening when I feel life it.

We have come to an agreement that I will cook only for breakfasts and on weekends where everyone can sit down and really take time to eat together instead of rushing around to meet our schedules. We both agreed that subscribing to a daily home delivery caterer will gives us more time, and it’s much friendlier on the pocket.

My only problem here now is that I need recommendations on daily food delivery service. I am living in Kuala Lumpur and caterers that could deliver food to Setapak/Wangsa Maju/Gombak area is preferable.

If you have any recommendations for me, please do not hesitate to leave your recommendations in the comment section below.

Cleffairy: Cooking is quite a luxury these days. Do you feel the same way too?


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      Yes… I’ve heard complaints too from some mummies who subscribes to these kind of service… but I intend to give it a try, for a week or so and see how it goes.

    • rating dating apps says:

      Trust me, coming from a nyonya family who is fussy with food, I prefer to cook too, but these days, the grocery bills is really getting out of hand. I wanna try those catered food and see if it can help with the family expenditures.

  1. claire says:

    Actually cooking takes up a lot of time, washing up is worse! hahaha… hearing from a lazy mom here… unless we do not have to work, then to save cost, it is better to cook..

  2. ricky@best restaurants in montreal says:

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