DEFICIT- Deaf, Is It?

I’m really feeling the pinch of the current state of economy where my money value seems to drop, that is no doubt, and I’m willing to bet that many more people  out there is in agreement with my statement. Everyone is suffering-well, not everyone, I guess, the people ‘up there’ obviously is not suffering. They still have a place to call home and probably feast around every now and then.

I’m supposed to go on a business trip this coming Thursday, and being a cheapskate, I decided to stock up some food so that I can eat them in the hotel room when my stomach rumble.

I did some shopping in the nearest mini mart last night, and when I see I’ve gotten everything that I needed, I carry the stuff and walked to my car. Then I saw something, or rather someone, that made my heart almost stop a beat. Saw what, you ask me? No, this time it’s not some mat rempit, accident or even some horny teen’s PDAs, but an old lady, picking up various recycleable material so that she can sell them so that she can make some money with them. The lady was bald.

Being a nosy and curious person, I went to her and make a conversation with her, asking why is she on the street at that hour, picking up those recyleable stuff when she can do it earlier. (It’s almost 11 pm that time). Then, she told me, if she do it earlier, people, especially young teenagers will give her odd looks, and jeer her. Some even will empty cans at her and ask her to pick up  just for fun. I was silenced for a moment, shocked at her words. In the back of my mind, I thought to myself, how could someone treat other person that way? She may be picking up rubbish to earn her living, but to me, there’s nothing wrong in that. She is not stealing or doing something illegal.

Then I asked her where she live, and she told me that she’s homeless, because she can no longer afford to pay her rent starting this month, as her landlord has decided to raise the rent, telling her that the cost of living is too high and can no longer afford to let her rent the room that she used to live at a low price anymore. Again, I was silenced. Then I asked her why is she bald, and whether she is suffering from some sort of sickness or something, then came the answer that left my mouth open. She shaved them away, so that she will not get any ‘kutu’, and it’s more hygienic being bald since she can’t afford to bathe often.

 Could it be that the petrol price has hit everyone this badly? Obviously, yes. Some people are even thrown on the street to fend for themselves, and there’s not much they can do about it, because the government is too busy politicking instead of doing something for the citizens who are suffering.

I told myself that I could not afford to give her money, because I have spent most of the money with me for food. Feeling awfully sorry for her, I stole a glance at the stuff that I bought, and handed her a large loaf of bread that I bought from the Mini Mart, hoping that it could help her, but to my surprised, she refused it, telling me that she’s not a beggar. However, I urged her to take it anyway; telling her that I bought extra. After awhile she reluctantly took it and thanked me for my kindness, and told me that she could not thank me enough, and the bread I gave her would probably last her for days.

 My heart melted instantly. Almost everyone says thank you to me on daily basis, and I doubt that they even meant what they said, but this lady, her thank you made me want to cry. A loaf of bread made her thank me profusely. This must have meant something more, which I suspect that two meals a day for her is a luxury.

Seeing her situation, I thanked god that even though I’m struggling with the current state of economy, I’m still not jobless or even worst, homeless. I felt nothing but wanting to scream to those POLITIC KING “OI, FUCKERS, YOU ALL DEAF IS IT? People are thrown homeless, and do you even care? No, you’re busy figuring out who is screwing whose asshole!”

The government says they are doing their best to ‘berkhidmat untuk rakyat’. Like hell you are. If you really ‘berkhidmat untuk rakyat’, people won’t be left homeless. So get your backside working and do something for these people, who need help more than ever!

I really hope I can do something to help the homeless, because I know the government probably will turn deaf ears and blind eyes towards these kind of ‘small matter’, but I do not know how. Is there a certain charity body that can help the homeless? Or places that gives free meals for the sake of charity every now and then?  The old lady is probably one out of many that’s homeless in KL and around Malaysia, and I hope some charity body can do something to address this matter. Only god knows how many old man, women and children are homeless out there!


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    A good samaritan…. 🙂

    Well, I think you are sharing more on the sorry state of our youths today who does not have humanitarian sense which is sad.

    I always teach my kids.. )when we do see a genuine people of this nature… you can tell as these people still have self dignity.. they wont take to begging, they’d rather go hungry.) Buy a pack of rice and hand it to them. Thats the least we could do. Our kids will grow up to be more compassionate and more… human. Virtues sadly lacking in youths today.

  2. cleffairy says:

    How true. That’s what I felt when she refused the bread I offer her. She may be thrown on the street, no money to fend for herself, but there’s a thing that nothing can take away from her- pride and dignity.

    I don’t consider myself as ‘old people’ as I’m almost the same age as those youth… (I’m 23, going on 24, heck i dun tink i’m old yet). It’s sad to see, people around my age are self centered, rude and lack compassion. there are more bitches and bastards than there are human with compassion. Maybe their parents did not raise them well? Or the metropolitan lifestyle has taken away their sense of humanity, I am not sure.

    I definitely can’t say I’m a religious person, but I do believe that our life is like a wheel of fortune, there are times you’re on the top, and there will be times you’ll be at the bottom. I’ll definitely be crushed if one day a misfortune befall me, and people treat me like a piece of dirt. I honestly hope that the next generation will not turn out like the youth these days.


  3. welders dating site says:

    This is where our misconception lies. Being religious does not make you a good person. I think we have a lot of examples to support that statement.

    I have seen many “religious’ people actually taking advantage of the new “inductee” Then again, many are using religion as a front to paddle their interest. Insurance, unit trust, real estate, direct selling and a million other multitude of business.

    Unless one lives by every tenet of the religion then you can consider yourself as religious. I am not a religious person. Often than not, I have been labelled as a lost soul. Yet, if a lost soul can have the compassion and care more than those zealots, I think I can hold court when I confront God on judgement day. I may have my weaknesses as do many others as we are only human.

    Next, religion is now is nothing more than a currency to curry support from ignorant folks. What better to whip an army of supporters of the same faith? The world is so perverted these days that I felt God will one day perform cleansing on the human race very soon… :).

    Do not blame the youths or youngsters for what they do.. blame their parents for not instilling in them strong moral values. Its difficult to teach your kids humility if we do not set an example.. much worse when we ourselves see our humility as a weakness… what then will the kids learn?

  4. warrior2 says:

    I wrote a very LONGGGGG comment. Before I could post it, an emel came in. I opened that up and the next thing I knew, I didnt know where my comment went. It dissapeared!

    Will need another 1 hour to rewrite what I lost.

  5. cleffairy says:

    LOL, warrior… where have you been these few days? Din see you bicker with me or Kevin these few days. Lesap-ed ke mana?

    Yea, Kevin… good manners and compassion starts at a tender age, and like you, I do believe that we should lead by example. But then again we can’t fully blame the parents, or the teacher for not instilling moral values in the youth’s head, because some youth behave like a perfect angel in front of their parents, but behind their parent’s back…that’s another story, the devil could have salute them for their behaviour!

  6. cleffairy says:

    Wah, so busy! Yalorr, me and Kevin go around ding-ing and dong-ing like some fool. Lmao… well, at least I’m going around like a fool. But actually horr, since you have a daughter who is oredi studying in uni… i tink i’m supposed to call you uncle…whahaha, shiet la…i just hope your daughter minds her words more thn me….see me, not exactly a role model when it comes to expressing my opinion over matters that got me on fire. hehe


  7. warrior2 says:

    My UKM (second in hireachy) daughter is hot headed and is illogical . My first daughter (UTP) is slighly more balanced and logical but still annoying from time to time.

    They must get what they want. Its a trait from the mother!

    These two are very loving and caring when they want something. So I know everytime there is something that they want.

    The problem is, when they dont get what they want, they sulk! Just like the mother!

  8. cleffairy says:

    Yikes! I dun sulk often in front of my parents when I don’t get things that i want in front of my parents, because I’ve been raised to earn what I want… but I do sulk+throw tantrums like hell in front of my other half if I do not get what I want, whaha. Be CUTE, ADORABLE and NICE is the keyword. Your girls mastered it well, I supposed. By the looks of it, Uncle warrior, your little girls have their fingers wrapped around you. LMAO!

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