Define Your Beauty with 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I have always believe that, and so, I don’t take eye care lightly. I don’t have perfect vision due to my nasty reading habit when I was still studying and it is one of my greatest regret as an adult.

Wearing specs makes me look nerdy and not very attractive and so I wear contact lenses as if my life depends on it.

One thing about contact lenses is that it is difficult to find those that really suits you and at the same time, enhance your beauty.

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Luckily for me though, ACUVUE has developed a revolutionary beauty lenses that actually define your beauty and makes you stand out in the crowd; 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON.

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1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON is a contact lenses brand that promises the wearer a unique benefit which provides a 20 hour cushion of moisture to hydrate the eyes for a full day comfort and offers an international standard of UV protection. This is great for travelers or those who hectic lifestyle like me, as I practically wear contact lenses for the whole day whenever I’m out and about

1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON is designed to really have natural effect on the eyes as the lenses features a sophisticated iris inspired pattern to create greater depth while improving definition of the eyes so its varying translucency create an enhanced but natural shine.

1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON is ideal especially for ladies who wish for instant beauty. Yes ladies, our eyes is one of the most beautiful accessory, and 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON helps you to do just that. 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON helps you eyes to shine whole day long without compromising your comfort. It is basically beauty with comfort.

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1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON is available in 3 styles and colours:

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Natural Shine with Dark Grey Limbal Ring and Gold Shine

Accent Style with Black Limbal Ring

Vivid Style with Brown Limbal Ring.

1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON is disposable contact lenses that comes in 10 lenses pack. These small packs is great for travelers, especially. I could easily stow it away in my bag whenever I go.

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The 10 lenses pack 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON is available at introductory offer of RM50 per box.

I’ll be telling you how good 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON soon, but should you want to find out more about 1- Day ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON from ACUVUE, just get in touch with brand contact lenses authorized practitioners and qualified optometrists, or hop over to or lgbt speed dating london


  1. Syafiera Yamin says:

    I dah try… walaupun dia cakap boleh tahan up to 20 hours im still tak prefer pakai that long time… heee yer la nak mandi lagi takkan nak kena wait until 20 hours baru remove hehehe

  2. Juneci says:

    Anticipating your blog review πŸ™‚ So far I have been happy with Miacare’s and Bausch and Lomb’s but if this new product is good, I won’t mind to give it a try πŸ™‚

  3. Angelynn says:

    I use another brand because I find it too dry for me. My eyes are really dry to start with and acuvue didn’t do the trick for me. Thanks for the write up though! Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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