Melaka Art and Performance Festival (MAPFest) 2015

The world’s largest and only site-specific art and performance festival on a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Melaka Art and Performance Festival (MAPFest), returns to Melaka for its seventh instalment from 27 to 29 November 2015.

More than 35 local and international artists will muster around the vicinity of St. Paul’s Hill and transform the heritage city into a piece of art.

Over the years, the festival has attracted tens of thousands of foreign and local festival-goers to the historical site.  This year, artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, France, Poland, Singapore and Russia collaborates to present international quality performances from various practices of arts including dance, performing art, visual arts installation, film and music.

Over the years, MAPFest grew into a world-renowned brand amongst the global art community.

MAPFest 2015 keeps it fresh with specialty components such as Cerita Pendik (Short Works) Visual Arts Installation, film screening as well as forums and workshops. Other highlights include collaborative performance – ‘Eulogy for The Living’, MAPPING programme, fine and contemporary arts display at local galleries around Melaka City, and a Children’s Art Festival at SMK Canossa Convent Malacca. 

 photo Agung Gunawan - Indonesia_zpstnauwl4t.jpg

Artist performing at the ruin of St.Paul

 photo Eulogy for the Living_zpsv9ovhud7.jpg

An art scene at the ruin of St.Paul

 photo Chong Keat Aun - Malaysia_zpslluwxftr.jpg

A scene that will intrigue many

 photo Global artists collaborates to present MAPFests finale - Eulogy for The Living_zpsdalwm8ec.jpg

Rather ghostly, don’t you think?

 The festival remains free for all and this gives the artists a freer range of expression. This was what made the festival unique. Artists freely collaborate, learn and experiment in the fundamental creative spirit. We have contemporary dancers, musicians, visual and new media artists alongside shamans from rural Java. The profundity of themes and artistic relationships have grown, given birth to many further collaborations, networks and exchanges.
MAPFest 2015 is produced by Arts & Performance Festival Melaka Sdn Bhd, initiated by E-Plus Entertainment Productions, and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Visit Malaysia Year 2015, Jabatan Warisan Negara, Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah (MBMB), Bandar Warisan Malaysia, Tony Yap Company, Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM), the Australian High Commission, the Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia, the Embassy of France, Alliance Français de Kuala Lumpur, Estadia by Hatten and Institut Français.

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  1. Leona says:

    oh my this looks super interesting! i never knew they have an art scene like this in Malacca some more at St Paul..i always go there jalan jalan only.

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