Desperate for a vacation

I feel really awful and extremely exhausted, especially during and after Chinese new year. It’s like coming back from a terrible war, bruised and battered beyond repair. I’m mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted, and I’m really grateful that all the celebrations only lasts for about two weeks.

Anymore than two weeks, I would have booked myself into a mental institute, and that’s not even a joke. You’d forgive me, won’t you? Call me a Scrooge, a Grinch, but I don’t really sit well with traditions and culture that I’m not familiar or comfortable with. You know… all the noises people make by using fireworks and whatnot after midnight during the celebration period and whatnot.

I need to recuperate from all the post Chinese New Year nonsense. And I believe, I would benefit very much if I were to pay a visit to a seaside vacation home rentals where I can lay in the hammock all day, doing nothing but read my favourite book over a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice while listening to the gentle  waves as the sea breeze caress my aching body gently.

My only concern right now is budget. We spend alot during Chinese New Year. You know… the usual… traveling expenses back to hometown, angpows, etc etc…I’m on the lows where money is concerned.

Where can I find vacation rental homes that would suit my teeny budget? I have no idea, but I would keep an eye open for vacation home rental that might suit my need and my budget.

Cleffairy: I seriously need a break from everything. It’s overwhelming and I think I’m going looney!

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