Finger lickin’ good

I was apalled with the unfortunate incident that happened in KFC iCity, Selangor branch yesterday. And so, when KFC came up with another promotion on Facebook a couple of hours earlier, I was rather skeptical.

I know the promotion was an attempt to appease public’s anger and to cover up the nasty incident yesterday, and I wondered if I would end up bruised and battered like the guy who went to buy his KFC meal.

But the deal is too good for me to pass…you don’t usually get 6 pieces of chicken along with 3 medium sized wedges or 3 Colonel Chicken Rice for Rm19.90.

And so I sent my husband to go and buy the Bargain Bucket for us to have for dinner.


The bargain bucket


6 pieces of chicken


3 medium sized wedges.

There was no long queue whatsoever in KFC Jalan Gombak and my husband came out in one piece from the KFC. (I think people are not really aware of the promo yet… either that or there’s ongoing boycott)So I suppose not all KFC staffs are brutes? I don’t know. All I care for right at the moment is my rumbling tummy and I was quite relieved that I did not have to cook for dinner tonight.

For more info on their ongoing promotions, check it out in KFC Facebook page.

Cleffairy: One bad apple spoils the bunch? Hmmm…


  1. angelbear says:

    For me…since i am not there we dun actually know what went wrong…but i rather sceptical at the ‘victim’ coz they said the staff bring a steel rod to beat thembut from the vid i see none. N political party is making this big lagi. Chicken madness, i wud say.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Gendang-gendut tali kecapi,
      Kenyang perut, senang hati. 😀

      malas peduli la… KFC ppl tak kacau me… i tak kacau them la…they din whack me and my hubby, we oso tak complain them la.

  2. farizluqman says:

    My mother before is a CSM (customer service manager) last time, and we eat KFC, McD, PizzaHut and almost all fast foods in Malaysia almost every weeks. Now it turned to once every 3 month since my mother is a Bank Manager. . Guess what.. kena bully ma…

    (p/s: fuck the monopolist)

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