Did I do the right thing?

I haven’t been well. In fact, my family and I haven’t really been well these days. I blame it all on the terrible weather. Well, what else I can blame it on? Friends around me seems to be falling sick one by one, and most of them had the same thing: high fever, cough and flu.We did not get it from each other cuz we haven’t been seeing each other for quite some time, so it MUST be the terrible hot and cold weather.

Truth be told. I was really worried. I was afraid of the dengue outbreak. You see… I believe that the recent flood in Thailand brought various disease that has been spread through both water and air. You know how it’s like when you don’t manage flood properly. All sort of diseases will plague your country and the countries around you, and dengue is one of it, considering how easy Aedes mosquitoes breeds in stagnant flood water. (I really resent the way Thailand manages their flood! What the hell is their government doing? Aren’t they gonna do anything about those stagnant water?)

I was really afraid that my family and I had dengue fever or something, but thank God, that was not the case. It was just nasty high fever that lasts very long and terrible flu and cough that can’t seems to stop. Seriously speaking, it is not easy to recover from all of these fever, flu and cough because it seems to be really contagious.

I spent the last two weeks in bed, trying to desperately recuperate. But unfortunately for me, medicines doesn’t seems to work effectively because when I’m about to recover from fever and stuff, I keep getting it back from my son and my husband.

Anyway, enough about that. I feel a little bit better now, and hopefully will stay that way. What I want to say is that as a mother, I feel abit guilty of letting my son skip school. Yes. I let him skip school because I don’t see it fit to send him to school. It’s as simple as that. Whenever the boy is unwell, I will just tell him to stay at home and rest instead of going to school.

It’s been two week since he last attend school. I really feel bad cuz it is expected of us modern parents these days to encourage our children to be competitive, but frankly speaking, I’m not that sort of mother. I don’t have high expectation on my son. It’s okay if he’s not at the top of the class or the not brightest crayon in the box as long as he’s doing okay in school, it’s fine with me. I don’t expect him to get all As and whatnot.

Did I do the right thing, imposing self-quarantine whenever my boy is sick? Some parents and teachers condemned me for taking this course of action, but I don’t think going to school is going to do my son any good when he can’t concentrate in his studies.

This may sound conservative and old fashioned, but I always feel that when your children is sick, just let them stay at home and recuperate instead of letting them go to school and spread their germs to other children and make them sick as well.

Sure, some parents will tell you that they had no choice but to send their kids to school when their kids is sick because they are working and nobody can help take care of their kids and stuff, but I still think it is unfair to let other children mingle with your kids when they are having something contagious.

True, some school or kindergarten will isolate the children who are sick, but it does not guarantee that other children will not get infected as well cuz some sickness is spread by air.

Having said that… I think I did the right thing by not sending my son to school when he’s sick. He may lag behind a little bit, but at least, I am humane enough to keep him at home so that his fever, flu and cough doesn’t spread to other children.

So… parents and teachers… why are you complaining and condemning my action? I spared you from getting sick and I also spared the misery of having you taking care of a sick child who would do nothing but whine, moan, groan and annoy you… I think instead of condemning me, you ought to say thank you to me. People who want to help those who may be sick, may want to consider an online lpn program.

Cleffairy: I don’t understand why parents these days are overly ambitious and expects too much of their children. Come on, they are just kids! Let them enjoy their childhood instead of forcing them to work like a robot just to make you proud!




  1. what is relative age dating says: dating at 40

    Yes, keep him at home when sick… Some parents so kiasu, scared the kids will lag behind…never mind of the child infects everybody else…or they do not want to babysit the kid at home, or no time for that – need to work. Parents nowadays…

    • Cleffairy says:

      I simply dun see a point of sending him to school when the boy can barely stay awake after taking med and whatnot. Better stay home and recuperate…

      Lag behind? Nvm la…I’m not rushing him…the boy dun excel oso nvm. I dun have high expectation on him, but I know alot of other parents are not like this. Anak sakit separuh mampus oso still send them to school. poor children.

  2. claire says:

    You are doing right.. it is indeed not ethical to send our kids to schools when they are still sick….. motherly love is the best medicine of all…
    Hope your family and your good self are now in the best of health!

    • Cleffairy says:

      If send him to school when he’s still sick… he will not be able to study anything. Will only susahkan the teachers and only will infect other kids oni… this is how I see it lo. But these days, u let anak ponteng one or two days oni… ppl will start condemn u and stuff. Damn sien.

  3. Twilight Man says:

    Yes Thailand is in a bad shape and the skin disease has been spreading besides mosquitoes lurking all over. Did you guess where they release their bowels when all toilets have been flooded????

    It is the correct thing to keep your child at home as to protect others and allow him to fully recuperate. You probably need to learn to ignore other mouths! Slap them! Phiak their mulut!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Do I even have to guess where they pee and poo? 🙁 Yea, I know Thailand is in a bad shape… and worst of all, there’s a lot of factories in Thailand that is not operating…it effects some of our local industry alot. 🙁 Damn cilaka.

      LOL…fed up with kiasu teachers and parents liao lo…u let ur kid rest at home to recover from illness and stuff, they will gossip here and there. 🙁 But to me, keep the boy at home to recover is the best solution.

  4. nEk0 says:

    I think it’s the best decision not to send him to school while he is sick. No way someone will pay attention at class in that condition. Take a good rest at home and go back to school when his health back to normal.

    I myself always skip schools for no reason back then but I think as long he can still follow the curriculum, that’s fine.

  5. Alv0808 says:

    You are doing right. Health is a wealth while learning is experimental. Parents should encourage their childrens to study well not to be bound by high expectation. Give them a break..

  6. Yee Ling says:

    I m down again….sigh** flu, cough, fever and terrible headache caused by the cough. Avday I am on painkiller to cure my headache…Wish you and your family speedy recovery.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Chamz… u and me same la, Ling. When I’m about to recover, will jangkit back either from anak or hubby. Now abit okay liao. No more fever, but still wrapping alot of beautiful wantan! LOL!

      You take care and get well soon too. Wear more baju, drink more hot chicken soup to clear the cough. And mebbe can try what King Hua suggested too, boil coke wif ginger and drink. I tried and it works on my anak.

  7. Alice Law says:

    Well, I don’t even send my girl to school if she hv cough or flu, scared later other kids kena infection, kesian little kids…

  8. Cheeyee says:

    U work from home…. Still can keep an eye for ur son if u keep him at home. But what abt those that can’t simply take leave from work? Sometimes it’s not abt kiasu, but just have to send to child care as need to go work. Unless there’s someone at home that can take care. But I guess for kindy only. Primary school can’t do so as there’s no child care there. Anyway I definitely won’t complain if other parents are doing like u.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yes, true… but in my anak’s kindy, budak who are sick and yet still go to school is from a family who have a mum who stays at home, not those who works. I dun understand why… kiasu?

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