Discover Selangor: Affordable Shellout Dining at Apps Hotel, Kuala Selangor

Looking for a place to stay in Kuala Selangor? Well, there’s plenty of homestays and boutique hotels around in Kuala Selangor, but if you are looking for a place that is not so out of town or a place that is quite convenient with decent facilities, you might want to consider Apps Hotel.

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Apps Hotel Kuala Selangor is conveniently located at Kuala Selangor, near to Giant with close proximity to all the attraction of Kuala Selangor. Hotel services and facilities includes 24 hours security, broadband Internet access at public area, Muslim prayer room, ballroom and event space as well as inhouse restaurant that offers great food. I won’t be commenting much on the hotel itself, as I’ve yet to stay a night there but I’ve patronized it’s open air seafood restaurant and thought it was amazing.

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Apps hotel’s restaurant can fit quite a large crowd at one time, so it’s a perfect place for large gatherings with family and friends.

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There are plenty of items on their menu but the latest is their Seafood Cajun Concept; or rather bucket boiled seafood/shellout dining.

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A closer look at the assorted raw seafood being offered at the restaurant. These will be made into bucket boiled ‘shellout’ dish. For those who are not familar with this concept, bucket boiled seafood is where loads of fresh seafood is dumped together into a bucket and boiled to perfection before being dumped on the table to be shared with a few diners.

Shellout at Apps Hotel, Kuala Selangor

Video of a bucketfull of seafood being poured out onto the table.

Shellout experience at Apps Hotel, Kuala Selangor

The bucketfull of seafood is usually enjoyed the old school way, by using bare hands to de-shell the crustaceans.

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Me, enjoying the seafood the old school way. You may request the chef to have the seafood merely boiled the traditional bucket way or cooked in certain ways. Being adventurous, my family and I opt for the flavourful ones.

Here’s some of the ‘seafood bucket boiled’ that we managed to try:

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Assam pedas flavour (RM39.90 for 2-3pax); this one comes with a lot of gravy and very spicy. Goes well with piping hot rice. Great for those who loves to eat spicy food, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it for those who is sharing their meal with children.They might not be able to tolerate the spiciness.

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Butter lemon flavour (RM39.90 for 2-3pax). This version of the seafood bucket boil is exeptionally delicious. Being someone who can’t really take spicy food, I love this one the most as I can practically taste the original sweetness of the seafood taste. Highly recommended.

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Kam Heong flavour (RM39.90). Similar to the Assam Pedas flavour, this version of the bucket boiled seafood is very spicy. The only difference is that instead being cooked in Assam Pedas gravy, this one was cooked in curry paste with loads of dried chillies. This one is not too bad either, and I actually liked this better than the spicy Assam Pedas flavour, as while it is spicy, it is much easier to eat and creates less mess in the aftermath. Recommended to spicy food lovers, but not recommended to young children who might not be able to tolerate spicy food.

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Top: Tomyam in Young Coconut Shell. Bottom: Tomyam Seafood. A must try if you like soupie dishes. These may look spicy but don’t let the appearance fool you. They’re not spicy at all but sourish instead. Quite appetizing and goes well with plain rice. Personally I love the Tomyam in Young Coconut more than the normal version. The young coconut flesh absorbed the soup nicely and gives off quite a unique flavour that makes it pretty addictive to feast on.

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Deep Fried Kangkung in Tempura style. These are actually kangkung (water convulvulous) dipped in thin layer of floury batter and deep fried. They’re adeptly fried and served with sweet Thai sauce. Works well as appetizer and goes well with plain white rice. One plate of this is never enough and if you are dining with a few friends, you might want to order extra as they are pretty addictive.

Overall the dining experience in Apps Hotel open air seafood restaurant is fantastic. Great food, timely service and accomodating staffs. Definitely will be a restaurant of choice should I ever drop by Kuala Selangor again.

For more bookings and reservation please refer to the information below:

Apps Hotel
12, Jalan Peninsula Utama 1,
Peninsula Park,
45000 Kuala Selangor,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Office : +603-32772172
Mobile : +6012-2337725

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