Diving at Pulau Yu Kecil with Big Blue World DC

Dive site: Pulau Yu Kecil

Here’s presenting to you the mesmerising Pulau Yu Kecil. Not quite a well known or overly commercialised dive site, so the ecosystem there remains quite untouched despite having spotted some old ghost nets lying around the site.

All things considered, this is the green lungs of the sea, people. It’s a huge green garden down there. Definitely a sight for sore eyes. The current was quite strong, hence we drift dive again instead of fighting the current when we were there.

Our world on the surface of the Earth could have been like this; surrounded by beautiful greens and being nourished by green lungs. Sadly, humans are overly populated and on top of that, greed and developments cleared out whatever green land there is in exchange of lifeless concrete jungle. It’s really a wonder that the surface human still does not realize why they’re getting more and more infertile, weaker, sicker, and plagued with all sorts of diseases year after year.

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