Diving at Pulau Karah, with Big Blue World DC

Location: Terengganu, Malaysia
Dive guide: Figo from Big Blue World DC

Sorry, I have to start my story with this dive site. Our first dive was at Bidong Underwater Gallery, but I have no pictures of that cuz I did not bring any camera 😭. It was an excellent dive site, by the way.

The current at Pulau Karah was mild and we were drift diving along with the current. I’ll be honest with you, being someone who dives in the lake more than anything else, I was quite terrified when I was told that the current in the sea can be quite unpredictable and we’ll most likely be drift diving throughout our trip if the current is strong.

But once I’ve jumped in and started blowing bubbles, I discovered that drifting along with the current is extremely enjoyable and I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Yes. I want to drift dive again. Preferably in every dive cuz it was not only exciting but terribly relaxing as well cuz you don’t even have to fin that much.

All you need to do is just drift along together with your buddies and you practically get to see just about everything in the dive site. It pretty much feels like a free train ride in the sea. All you need is just sit tight, and just enjoy the ‘ride’ with beautiful view. We dive for almost 1hr, and I still have more than half tank left by the end of the dive, cuz it was simply energy and air efficient. It’s perfect for lazy ass diver like me.

Special thanks to our guide and Instructor Figo for introducing drifting to me. You’re right. It’s really fun. And I’d do it again in the next opportunity presented to me.

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