Divorce, Beheaded and Die

Learning history is fun, truly. And it is amazing somehow that despite of the changing time there are things about men and women that haven’t change, and I doubt ever will change. Men are still expected to go around, parading off with their manly conquests while women are expected to look at the four walls while being saddled by children.

Some men is known throughout the history not for their achievements, but their cruelties, infidelities and how insatiable they are when it comes to women. King Henry VIII is one of those men, well known for his sexual prowess as well as ruthlessness, despite of how very much he resembled an exploding balloon in those portraits.

Many feared him in his time. He called his own legitimate children bastards, and disposed his wives as he pleased. I’m not going to delve into too much of history, but it I suppose it’s sufficient to say that men, given the power to ditch their wife and family for a more exhilarating thing without being condemned, they would. Henry VIII is one of those men, and I don’t doubt that many men in the modern era wishes that they have such power and ability as well.

Henry VIII. 6 wives. Famous for: divorce, beheaded and die, divorce beheaded, survived. 6 women married to 1 man, suffered different fate.

First wife was divorced, second one was beheaded, third wife died because of post-natal complication, fourth was divorced because she wasn’t pretty enough, fifth was accused of infidelity and therefore her head rolled of her shoulder, but fortunately for the sixth, she survived because Henry died before her and she outlived Henry.

Men and women are both guilty when it comes to both seduction and infidelities. But when things goes wrong, the blame would all be on the wife. Katherine of Aregon, Henry’s VIII first wife is a good example of it. She was only guilty of not being able to provide him a male heir.

Then came the seductress Anne Boleyn. Coaxed him to divorce the Queen and encourage him to revamp the whole England’s faith from Catholic to Protestant. Captivated by her youthful exuberance and beauty, Henry divorced Katherine, only to find that Anne was a no good whore who could only give him a girl.

At this point of history, I laughed my head off, because Henry was involved with Jane Seymour at the same time Anne was pregnant with his child. (Gee, can’t blame Henry, can you? The wife can’t have sex with him, so find someone else to slake his manly needs)

The famous whore in history soon discovered their liaison, and miscarries. Displeased by the fact that his affairs was discovered, Henry VIII soon accuse Anne of infidelities and treason, and off with her head went dear Anne. πŸ˜€

Despite having claimed that he loved Anne Boleyn more than life itself and went as far as to change England’s faith for the sake of marrying her, Henry did not even grieve for his so called ‘beloved’ wife when her head was sent rolling. Instead, he married Jane Seymour merely a few days after her death.

Amazing, isn’t it? The story after Jane was rather uninteresting, as history repeats itself after Jane’s death. Henry divorce his fourth and beheaded his fifth wife. Nothing new there. It’s like Katherine and Anne’s case all over again. Lucky number six outlived Henry, though, so I guess God is fair.

Studying history as a woman makes me believe in karma. Historians may not agree with my dimwit pondering and musing, but I do believe that never ever go and play a home-wrecker. For what it’s worth, Anne Boleyn was one, and look at what happened to her. LOL. Beheaded when Henry VIII got bored of her.

Cleffairy: I kinda agree that some men are not worth fighting for, and the best revenge a wife could take when a another woman seduce her husband is to let the woman keep him.


  1. kathy says:

    wakakaka….”he resembled an exploding balloon in those portraits.” making me laugh like mad la.

    wei…i have one book regarding of of the wives…forgot which one liao. Yet to read. Can lend you if u want

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hey, it’s true lehh… he’s really like balloon gonna explode anytime wan! πŸ˜› Unless you watched The Tudors la… that one the Henry damn sizzling hot wan!

      Hmm… must be about Anne or Jane lorr… gimme, pinjam to read!

  2. suituapui says:

    And there were women who caused the downfall of many empires…e.g. in Chinese history…or Cleopatra! I hear Angeline Jolie will star in the remake…and possible Brad Pitt will be Mark Antony – reprising Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton roles…and if I remember correctly, they got married after that (Liz Taylor, dunno how many times already), divorced and got married again.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I suppose, some women does not cause a fall of an empire. The women themselves fall prey to circumstances. Just look at the Chinese Empress…she was banged by all sides.

      Just the matter of brain and how they handle stuff. For what it’s worth Elizabeth I did fine…it was one of England’s glorious moment. It’s just that the Tudor lines did not have any heir after her, for she did not marry to produce an issue.

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