Make IDD Call with iTalk Whoa

Remember my previous entry where I introduced iTalk Whoa not long ago? Kindly allow me to elaborated further.

iTalk Whoa is multi- function,  but one function that’s very useful for the users is that it enables the users to make IDD (Internet Direct Dialing)calls.

This is a very useful feature for me. As an author, I’ve always have the need to communicate with my publishers who are residing in the US and UK since I opt to not publish in Malaysia for the time being. International calls usually cost a bomb and more often than not, the calls burn a large hole in my pocket. I’m quite a Scrooge, and therefore, I loathe making International calls. There’s too much hassle.

iTalk Whoa IDD feature has an easy-to-use interface especially for us to make calls. By using this feature I can call not only my publishers, but my family who resides in the oversea as well and save myself the hassle of paying the bills.

Making IDD call is very easy with iTalk Whoa. Login into your account, hover to the ‘Mail’ section and click an icon that is a shortcut to the VOIP dialer that lurks in the ‘Mail’ tab.

Just type the number click “Dial” when the box that serves as a dialer appeared. Easy peasy. If you forgot the country code, fret not, as the country of your choice would appear in the dialing box. All you need to do, is just choose the country of your choice, and key in the number, and you’re good to go.

iTalk Whoa IDD call rates are cheap. They’re 10% lesser than the normal rates. Check out the rates HERE.

Sure, some of you will say, why not use Skype? But there is some problem when people use Skype, that is the clarity problem when you make those calls. I’ve encountered such problem countlessly, and it annoyed me as I couldn’t get my message across. There’s often miscommunication between me and the person on the line.

So far, iTalk Whoa does not have this problem. I could hear the person on the line much clearer than when using Skype.

I’ve had tested it and I’m very with the clarity when I made an IDD call to my publishers in UK and US. The call did not lag, and there’s no echo as well. 😀 Isn’t that great?

Start making calls with iTalk Whoa today, and if you haven’t had an account, be sure to register HERE and start saving your money when you make a long distance call.

Cleffairy: iTalk Whoa is a Windows based application. Kindly use IE6 to use it.


  1. claire says:

    Last night i tried using skype with my son.. it failed at times.. wonder how iwhoa will be… i must wait for my “computer” son to come back and teach me… this mum here is really “illiterate” when it comes to tech stuff.. 🙁

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