Don’t talk to strangers!

When I was a little girl, I was taught to be wary of strangers and I was trained to alert my parents whenever some strangers make attempts to approach me. You see, I was a chirpy little girl, and my parents were very protective of me. They do not want anything untoward happens to me.

I wonder how many parents these days taught their children not to talk to strangers? I come to notice that most children these days are not afraid of strangers. They are in fact very friendly towards people that they are not introduced to. They could make acquaintance easily with adults who are strangers to them and is oblivious to the fact that talking to strangers can sometimes be a very bad thing.

I know most parents taught their young children not to talk or be friendly to strangers, but the advices seems to fall on deaf ears. Many blame the parents whenever they see such things happen, but I don’t think parents can be blamed fully as it is children’s nature to be trusting. Children who comes from a loving family are especially trusting and friendly. They feel so secure that they have no fear towards people around them.

So, what can we do to fix this and make them wary towards strangers? Well, I don’t know. I don’t exactly have a method to educate children not to talk to strangers or follow strangers around.

I’m no pro in parenting, but perhaps they can be educated by showing them movies or educational videos about children being kidnapped and sold off to slavery. Perhaps it’s much more effective than just advising them?

I know it’s abit harsh and might be traumatic for children, but if it works, why not? I always believe that children are visual creature. And they responded to things that they see more than to things that they hear. I don’t mind scaring children abit if it’s for their own good and if it keeps them safe.

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I’m glad that my boy is quite an anti-social and not friendly towards strangers or people he does not know well. Last night, we met up with my sister in law to give her something. And before she leave, she lured my my son to her car with a handful of candies.

She may not realize that her behaviour can be likened to those typical kidnappers who sweet talk and lure children with candies to their car, but I’m glad that my son reacted in a way that I wanted him to react; by pulling away from her and running back to me and my husband. 😀 I’m really, really glad that my nagging and advices did not fall onto deaf ears after all.

Cleffairy: My poor sister in law was probably aghast with my son’s reaction as she’s his aunt, but this mummy approves his reaction, even if she’s his aunt. LOL!


  1. Alice Law says:

    Yup,guess it’s partly depends on the kids’character or personality. Mine though chirpy,but too shy, ask to talk to extended family member they also paiseh. Un less after some time of warming up.

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