Over and over again!

I feel blessed that I have wonderful friends like Smallkucing who is not only thoughtful, but very tolerant of my faults as well. Not long ago, Smallkucing and his family went for a short foodie trip to Malacca, and as usual, they bought me something and told me that they will drop the goodies to me when they’re back in Kuala Lumpur.

My family and I wasn’t really feeling well during that time, and so, the night before we meet up with Smallkucing and his family, I forced my entire family to drink poison… ahem… I mean, take medication in hopes that we’ll be be in tip top condition when we meet Smallkucing’s family the next day. You see, I did not want any of us sneezing and spreading germs to Smallkucing’s family when we meet up.

We did feel better the next day, but my entire family slept like a log and nearly couldn’t wake up from our sleep when Smallkucing and his family arrived the  despite the fact that I’ve set an alarm for the appointment.

*BLUSH* I was completely horrified to see that there’s 10 missed calls and loads of sms-ses from Mamakucing! She did not only sms and called me, but called my husband’s handphone as well but none of us could wake up to the ringtones.Gosh! That never happened to me before. My family slept like the dead after taking the flu medicine.

I would like to sincerely apologize to Smallkucing and his family for the unfortunate incident. I really didn’t mean to KO that way on the day that I’m supposed to meet them. >.< I seriously did not know that the medicine that we bought from pharmacy was so strong that it could knock out out terribly.

I’ve learned my lesson now. No more poison…I mean, medicines that will knock us out whenever we have a lunch or dinner date. :(It was a really horrifying experience for me. I never knew that one could really sleep like the dead to the point they cannot hear anything at all.

Ironically, it was the neighbour’s renovation noises that woke us up from our slumber, alerting us of those missed calls and those smses that Mamakucing sent to me and my husband. Boy, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad that my neighbour decided to bang down his house again.

Anyway, after the ‘sleep like the dead bodies’ fiasco, my family and I did managed to meet up with Smallkucing and his family for lunch. (Thank God for that, or I’ll never forgive myself for breaking a promise)

We meet up at Wadi al-Nile for lunch again. I know I’ve featured Wadi al-Nile restaurant here for God knows how many times already, but we can’t help it. The temptation is too huge to ignore. the food is not only divine, but the price is reasonable too. They also served things in huge portion, and we never have to complain about their service cuz they give 5 stars service to their customers. The owner of the restaurant is also very friendly and would often greet us whenever we dine there.

I always feel happy and satisfied whenever I dined in Wadi al-Nile. They have plenty of exotic things to offer. And so, during that lunch date, we ordered various type of things to be shared with each other.

As usual, Arabic mint tea is a must. It’s Mamakucing’s favourite. She never failed to order this whenever we patronize Wadi al-Nile. I’m a tea lover, but whenever I patronize this restaurant, I prefer to order Barbican or Fayrouz instead. I simply love their flavoured malt drink.

Smallkucing’s papa had Kabsah rice with lamb. Don’t be fooled by the picture. There’s plenty of lamb meat buried underneath the rice and everyone was amazed on how perfect and tender the lamb was. There’s also no unpleasant smell whatsoever.

Uncle Patrick opt for Hanith chicken with Mandy rice, and he was praising to the sky as he enjoyed his rice. He said the chicken was perfectly steamed in herbs and was very flavourful.

Florence on the other hand chose to try Hanith lamb with Mandy rice. Like Uncle Patrick, it was her first time trying out food in this restaurant. Florence was absolutely happy by the fact that her lamb was perfectly steamed with herbs and spices and has no funny smell whatsoever. She told me that she couldn’t get enough of the juicy lamb. LOL. I stole a piece of lamb to taste from her as well. It was indeed divine, but I know my limit. Lamb makes me feel hot all over, and I did not dare to take too much of it.

Mamakucing on the other hand, was always crazy for the tender and flavourful Kabsah chicken, and so, she ordered Kabsah chicken with Mandy rice to share and enjoy with Smallkucing.

Knowing that the food portion here is way too big for me to finish on my own, I ordered Mandy chicken rice to be shared with my husband. The portion was always enough to keep both of our tummies full, and it was divine, as usual,  God, I wonder what the chef put inside of all of his cooking? I can’t help but go back and have them over and over again and can’t seems to get bored of any of it. >.< You see, a few days before I meet up with Smallkucing and his family for lunch, I already went to the restaurant of my own to satisfy my cravings. And a few days later, I went back to eat the same thing again. Gosh… it’s so additive, and I can’t seems to stop going back to eat their rice. Okay, I’m positively addicted to Wadi al-Nile’s food. Compliments to the chef, from the bottom of my heart.

My boy wasn’t up to anything but French fries that day. I suppose his appetite was still missing in action due to the fact that he just recovered from flu and fever.

All rice dishes came with yummylicious potato stew. It’s not only creamy and sourish, but it’s also very appetizing.

And not forgetting the tantalizing chilli dips. Somehow, I think Florence is in love with the chilli dips. She can’t help but praise the chilli dips as she dig into her rice. 😛

Smallkucing’s papa also ordered some Arabic bread to share.

And it goes very well with the exotic Hummus.

Everyone was happy at the end of the meal, and I can testify that everyone had their plates squeaky clean. To see what Smallkucing thought of the food, click here. He also blogged about it.

I’ve been to Wadi-al Nile countless times, but I have yet to get my hands on their desserts. It’s not that they lacked desserts on their menu, but each time I patronized this restaurant, I’d be too full to try anything else. >.<

One of these days, I’m gonna make it my personal mission to just go and order their desserts to enjoy. (But I know it’s impossible, cuz I’m addicted to their rice.)

The food is THAT good and if you haven’t try Wadi al-Nile yet, be sure to give them a shot. But be forewarned, you might end up like me… addicted to the Arabic dishes. 😛

Here’s the address for the restaurant, in case you’re tempted to try the food:

Wadi AL-Nile Restaurant, No 72-0, Block J, Platinum Walk, No. 2, Jalan Langkawi, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Tel : 03-41312356.

Cleffairy:  This is not a paid food review or an invited food review, but I highly recommend this restaurant to those who loves exotic Arabic food.

Ps: Thank you Smallkucing and family for the lunch treat.



  1. Alice Law says:

    Aiyar, u probably was drugged by the medication u had… especially those for flu and cough! Hope u are feeling better right now!

    • Cleffairy says:

      The med was too strong, I think… and it knocked us out badly. Yes, I feel fine now… and so is my family. Thank God, I hope no more repeats this rainy season. It’s horrible!

  2. Yee Ling says:

    Wahhh…Arabian Feast again..LOL!!

    Kesian the Kucings…ahhahah. I understand after taking the medicine , you really can sleep like a log. Hope by now you & family doing fine,ya. Take care.

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