Dreams Are Made Of…

Do you believe in magic? Or miracles? Well… I stopped believing in magic and miracles once my hope and dreams are shattered, but I do believe that things can get better each day if you make effort to make things right from the bottom of your heart. I believe in living, and not just existing, and though there are times that I feel that I’m being pulled in the pit of a black hole, I try very, very hard to pull myself back up.

Does that make sense to you? A lot of people told me my actions does not make sense anymore these days, and I must be really out of my mind to be doing what I’m doing right now, but should I care what people think of me? Well, obviously not, because to me, what people think about me is none of my business. Only what I think of myself is important. MY opinion is the only thing that matters when it concerns myself.

You know… there are reasons why I distance myself from a lot of people these days. I no longer feel that I can open up to people…not even to close friends, cuz some things just hurt too deep, and I need to heal without people telling me what to do and judging me. Confiding does not bring any emotional relief anymore these days.

Shit happens. Shit always happens, but that does not mean you can’t try to clean it up and flush it away. If I were to describe my life, it would be an equivalence to a fantastic soap opera, with extremely good actor and actresses who deserves more than an Oscar award. Yes, each and every one of them deserves more than an Oscar, but as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them and make the best of it. My existence may not be relevant to many, but I’m relevent to me, myself and I and that’s all that matters.

Cleffairy: Dreams are made of unknown reality.


  1. mun says:

    It is good that you expresses yourself here freely. Though I do not know what you are going through, I wish you all the best in doing what you think is right. May you always have the strength to believe in yourself.

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