DubuYo Offers Muslim Friendly Urban Korean Food

Been binging on Kdramas? Can’t help but drool over all the delicious Korean food that has been featured not so subtly in those Kdramas? Desperately need to get a fix for your Korean food cravings? Well, don’t book a flight to Korea just yet. Malaysia is quite a global village, and it is a country that is pretty much open to global food culture. There are plenty of restaurants in Malaysia that’s offering Korean delicacies which can be as good as the ones you can find in Korea, if not better.

Being a K-food culture fan myself, I find myself constantly crave for some good Korean food, especially after K-drama binging or after watching my favourite Korean cook YouTuber, Maangchi. Problems? Yes. While Malaysia doesn’t lack restaurants that serve Korean food, as a Muslim, I find it rather difficult to find restaurants that serves Halal or Muslim-friendly Korean food. More often than not, they are non-Halal restaurant.

Lucky for me though there’s always the option of getting my Korean food fix at DubuYo, a restaurant chain that serves Muslim-friendly urban Korean food. DubuYo have plenty of outlets around in Malaysia but the one I frequent often is the Quill City Mall and Nu Sentral outlet.

Having recently heard that they have new items on their menu, I decided to visit again and check it out. True enough, in additions of my all time favourite jiggaes, they really do have some new, limited time items being featured on their menu.

Here’s sharing with you what I had during my most recent visit; Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon, Syupeo Beef Ramyeon, Kimchi Gogi Chicken, Doenjang, Seafood Soondubu Jigae, Honey Mustard Wings, Cheese Rabokki, Pa jeon and Yukgaejang

Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon- RM20.90 (Ala carte) RM23.90 (Set). This is one of the two new limited time only items. Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon is basically Korean ramen. But it’s not your regular plain ramen. Syupeo Chicken Ramyeon is all partied up with crispy fried chicken and dumpling, making it a luxurious and satisfying meal.

Syupeo Beef Ramyeon -RM22.90 (Ala carte) RM25.90 (Set). Syupeo Beef Ramyeon is another one of the new limited time item on DubuYo menu. The ramen is as good as it’s chicken counterpart. It’s served with generous portion of sliced beef and enoki mushrooms.

Kimchi Gogi Chicken- RM 16.10 (Ala carte) RM18.45 (Set). Similar to dak-galbi, this dish is actually chicken cubes stir-fried with kimchi and napa cabbage. This dish is not as fiery as it looks. The red hues is not an indicator of it’s spiciness. Those who can’t take spicy food might want to order this and give it a go.

Doenjang jigae- RM20.75 (Ala carte) RM23.10 (Set). Doenjang jigae or soybean paste stew is a rich, silky jjigae made with doenjang and available ingredients such as vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, seafood and meat. If my tastebuds got it right, I think a small amount of gochujang is also added to this Doenjang jigae as it has hint of spiciness in it.

Seafood Soondubu Jigae- RM19.60 (Ala carte) RM21.90 (Set). Sundubu-jigae or soft tofu stew is my all time favourite whenever I dine in DubuYo. The slightly spicy dish is made with freshly curdled soft tofu, vegetables, seafood and gochujang. Great to be had on it’s own, but lovely to be paired with a bowl of piping hot rice as well.

Honey Mustard Wings- RM19.60 (Ala carte) RM23.10 (Set). I can never resist these savoury chicken wings. They are deliciously addictive, and have it my way, I wouldn’t just stop at the second helping. It is that good.

Cheese Rabokki- RM18.45 (Ala carte) RM19.60 (Set). Ra-bokki is a type of teokbokki, with added ramyeon noodles. It is a street food commonly sold in bunsikjip. As other teokbokki dishes, fish cakes and boiled eggs are a common addition.

Pa jeon- RM 13.35 (Ala carte) RM 14.50 (Set). Pajeon is a variety of Korean pancake with scallion as its prominent ingredient. Served with a side of black vinegar sauce, this dish is great to be had on it’s own. It also makes a great meal companion alongside with banchan. Another one of my favourite order whenever I dine in DubuYo.

Yukgaejang- RM 19.60 (Ala carte) RM21.90 (Set).Yukgaejang or spicy beef soup is a spicy, soup-like Korean dish made from shredded beef with scallions and other ingredients, which are simmered together for a long time.

Dining in DubuYo is always satisfying for me and there’s no difference this time. While my latest visit has satiated my cravings for some jiggae fix, I have no doubt that I’ll be running over to DubuYo again soon enough now that I’m binging on Korean dramas again.

DubuYo have 13 outlets throughout Malaysia as of writing. Should you want to get some of your Korean food fix as well, just hop over to your nearest DubuYo outlet.

You may visit  www.dubuyo.com or www.facebook.com/DubuYo.urbankoreanfood for ongoing promos and more info.

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