Dumb bimbo bitch with LV bags…

Some of you might be wondering if Cleffairy is still alive or already rotting six feet under. The answer is no. I am not dead yet or even rotting six feet under, though I practically feel like a walking corpse these days as by the end of the day, I’m practically too drained to even do things that I enjoy doing. There is no articles being published since last Friday because I’ve been very busy, and I barely have enough time to unwind. I just hate it when there’s so many things to do and yet there’s not much time for everything.

Since today I managed to steal some time to unwind and do things that I love to do, let’s get to business, shall we? Okay, here goes nothing. All right, a couple of days ago,I was forced to take LRT to move about as I sent my damn car to service. As much as I want to complain on the inefficiency of the LRT system, I wanted to complain about the ladies riding on it even more. I’m sorry if this entry somehow offend some of you out there, but if I don’t blurt this out, I think I might go crazy.

It was midday, and there’s not much passengers on the LRT.  I was relieved that there’s a lot of unoccupied seats around. Smiling to myself and without feeling guilty about taking seats that’s meant for the disabled and pregnant  women, I sat down and took out a novel from my handbag and read them happily and contently. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived and was killed at the next stop, as a bunch of ladies boarded the LRT, chatting loudly  in a very unladylike manner.

I sighed and stopped reading my novel so that I could looked at the loudmouthed culprits who had just murdered my mood. I half expected to see some uneducated ladies or something, but much to my surprise, I saw a bunch of ladies who are probably a couple of years older than me chatting and talking loudly. All of them are well-dressed, and looked like typical blue collared working women. I groaned in despair at the predicament that I was placed in, and knowing that I could no longer read my novel in peace as a result of their very loud interference, I gave all of them a thorough look, from head to toe. Three of them are Malay ladies while another one is a Chinese lady. Their skin and physical appearance may differ from one another, but they definitely have at least two things in common and I would classify them as elephant wearing skirts or a walking Xmas tree without having any guilt of calling them names.

While these women are definitely in need of toning down on their accessories and should make trips to some gym or slimming centre, they definite do not need someone to tell them what’s the ‘in thing’ of the season, as ALL of them were carrying an LV handbag. I’m not sure if these women bought original LV bags or the imitations, but seeing from the way they dressed up and talked to each other, I could guess that they bought originals. Shamefully, I could say that these women are oblivious towards what’s going on in the country, as in the times of the great depression, these bitches are still talking about making shopping trips and swiping their credit cards silly. And in the times of political uncertainties in Malaysia, these women cares nothing about it, and I doubt they understand or even know anything about it.

Listening to their conversation shamed me as a woman indefinitely. I cannot believe that there are still a lot of women out there who cares nothing about what’s going on in Malaysia and the rest of the world as instead of talking about politics and whatnot, they talked about fashion, how to spend money, scheming for their partner’s money and nonsense with the same degree. Their conversation are worth nothing. Listening to such conversation is such a waste of time as they are not enriching to the brain, and simply annoying to my ears. The only good thing that came out from listening to these conversation is that they managed to provoke my thoughts and I get some inspiration on writing about this- Dumb bimbo bitch with LV bags.

Mercy heaven upon me, I just can’t believe that there are so many women out there who cares nothing but the trend!  I can’t believe it! Women! Wake up! Start learning and doing some useful thinking instead of just caring about what brand of bags or underwear is the ‘in’ thing of the season! What the fuck are you women doing? The world is encountering various changes, and you women should be aware of it and not oblivious towards what’s going on around you. How the hell are you people going to survive and be respected if all you could crack about is just some stupid fashion stuff? With women like you, it’s not a wonder that the chauvinists are still laughing at us for the lack of knowledge in every fields!

All right, some of you ladies out there who owned or using an LV bag at the moment would cursed me or accuse me of being jealous of your possession for saying this, but I just don’t get it! And no, I’m not jealous of your possession, in fact, I feel that most of you are ignorant enough to fall for the so called ‘high fashion trap’. What good do you actually get for buying impractical branded bags? Okay, so you get to show off your financial status and stuff, but I couldn’t crack up what other benefits than just showing off your stupid bags.

What the fuck is it with the LV handbags that almost every damn female covet the bag of this bloody brand so much? It seems that almost all women that I encountered these days would carry an LV bag without failed, and I’m sort of annoyed by their fascination over the damned label. Most would go great length just so they could own one of these bags. They are willing to spend disgusting amount of money to own one, and as far as I’m concerned, some even have credit cards debts, thanks to those stupid original LV bags.

What’s so special about it anyway? I just don’t get it. Some of their designs are impractical for daily usage. Some of them are damned small to even put more than a purse and a lipstick in it while the rest looks pretty strange and hard to take care of because of their light colours. I am a woman myself, but I could not understand why most women these days are so obsessed with LV bags-or other brand of handbags that could cost up to more than Rm2000 each while their designed are impractical and could attract snatch thief any day? I really don’t get it. To me, the purpose of having a handbag is to keep your valuable or useful possession in it so that you could carry it around with no hassle at all. So, please, enlighten me, ladies. Why the hell some of you bought small bags that could barely contain your purse in it with such a disgusting price? Don’t you guys know any better ways to spend your money on?

With Rm2000, one could do more than just buy a stupid bag with some printed or embossed logos on it. I JUST DON’T GET IT! Why the fuck these bags are so special that everyone around me seems to go crazy over it? Even the men are buying stupid LV bags for their partners as a ‘token of love’. This is absolutely without a doubt, the most foolish thing I’ve ever seen! Women who bought impractical bags are stupid enough. But the men who buys those expensive small handbags that could barely fit a few stuff in it is even more stupid. It’s just a waste of money because such things are usually seasonal and would be out of trend in short period of time.

Some of you might flame me on the bag that I carry in defense of what I wrote, but before you guys say anything, I’d like to say that I am not ashamed of carrying my cheap handbag bought from a night market a couple of months ago. It may be inexpensive and not the ‘in’ thing, but it served it’s purpose well. It’s moderate in size with many compartment and it could carry my purse, my handphone(I usually put my handphone in my pocket though), my voice recorder/mp3 player, my organizer, a pen, my digital camera, my car&house keys, my must have novel, a mirror, a letter opener, panadols, a sanitary pad and if I want, some cosmetics in it. Can your disgustingly expensive but small bag fit all these?

Cleffairy: Why buy a damn bag that cost a bomb but could barely fit a purse in it? Enlighten me please.


  1. cleffairy says:

    FuFu… lmao…yeah, i bet some still thought that Pak lah is still in charge of finance instead of Najib… =.= i know a couple of men and women who still thinks that way. =.= *SIGH* they are minority, yes, but sometimes, it’s such an eyesore to see malaysians so oblivious towards their environment!

  2. eugene says:

    hello hello hello dear, in fact during this time of depression, we need more of these ladies or bitches (i didnt label them that, you did..hahahah) to give the dead economy a boost, but they should not be buying LV, instead the should opt for beg cap Kepala, cap Bunga Api or cap Keretapi, to support buy Malaysian products.

    Hey, just a note of reminder, please do not stress yourself too much, go do Pilates, karate , sorry must support local art of self defense, Silat Macam Tak Boleh Habis….

    cheers dear, the weekend is here,, i am happy i hope you are too..

    take care now, will ya? thank you for dropping my site, appreciate it,,,

  3. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] says:


    I laughed crazily when I read this. I believe that we cant blame them. Why I said so? Because some universities students also acted like that. Does not reflect the brains or minds as well. So sad, damn sad actually…

    Some ladies still talked about nonsense things like that, and men as well. Not all will do like that, but their level of awareness are really pathetic.
    Who should be blame? I would say, themselves.


  4. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] says:


    I laughed crazily when I read this. I believe that we cant blame them. Why I said so? Because some universities students also acted like that. Does not reflect the brains or minds as well. So sad, damn sad actually…

    Some ladies still talked about nonsense things like that, and men as well. Not all will do like that, but their level of awareness are really pathetic.
    Who should be blame? I would say, themselves.


  5. ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] says:


    I laughed crazily when I read this. I believe that we cant blame them. Why I said so? Because some universities students also acted like that. Does not reflect the brains or minds as well. So sad, damn sad actually…

    Some ladies still talked about nonsense things like that, and men as well. Not all will do like that, but their level of awareness are really pathetic.
    Who should be blame? I would say, themselves.


  6. riverrasquale says:

    Hey, how are you?
    Yeah, I don’t own an LV or whatever bag!
    In fact I carry a rucksack…haha
    I think people do things to forget the pain and cannot face reality. That’s why in these day and age, reality tv shows are so popular! And fantasy and romantic comedies… people are fed-up with politics and they cannot control these things or so they think…
    I am not giving them excuses but that’s why people want to escape…be it bags, shoes, food, accessories or gadgets…anything to distract from the real pain in life!

  7. Celine says:

    LOL, I think it’s totally alright seeing ladies carrying LV bags.
    Everyone has different interest. I can say the quality of those branded bags and those where you can find RM25 for one in Sg. Wang are definitely different. Everyone has different spending pattern. So I am totally cool with that.

    But honestly, the way you describe them made me laugh so loudly! Wearing so nicely but talk like aunties in pasar! Hahaha 😀 Sigh, what happened to our education system? Or these are their personalities problems?

    Hehe 😀

  8. cleffairy says:

    Eugene… lol, true, we need these kind of people to stimulate the economy…this, I agree, but like you said, I would prefer these people stimulate the economy by supporting local product instead of imported items like Lv bags, etc. But Eugene, as much as we need these people to stimulate the slowing economy, we also need these people to be more aware of what’s going on in Malaysia. These people are voters too… they are the kind that bow down to whatever stupid scheme that those politicians have to say. These are the kind of people who believed whatever mainstream media have to say without even having second thought on whether or not it’s just a propaganda. Wait later the government say poop is health food, they also agree… 🙁 Cast vote as they pleased without knowing the consequences of their choice. ARGH! tension!

    Jo… I asked myself the same question. How come they traveled by using LRT when they can afford LV bags? During my journey, I suspect that they either dunno how to drive or dun own a car. Why? Either they depended on their bf/husband/partner to drive them around on other time, or they dun hv money to spare to buy a car because they spent on vanity…. 😛

    Zara, I feel shamed la, actually, because I am a woman too. because of people like them, men are stereotyping us as ‘dumb’, you see? If all woman in the world think like that, den til the end of the world, we’ll never get the proper respect we deserved. 🙁

    .. hihi… I’m fine over here, i guess? LOL. Truthfully, I’ve been very busy since January, and I hope to slow down a little bit. Too much things to do, to less time. 🙁 My brain is more willing to do work than my body… lol… I get tired easily these days, need some energy booster and supplement, can suggest me some? LOL.. Neway, back to the topic… You mean buying branded stuff is a form of escapism? Maybe you’re right, but then again, doing such thing by using credit card is a bit too much, isn’t it? Instead of being relieved, they’re surrounded by debts… 🙁

    , actually i’m fine with ladies who spend a lot. After all, they stimulate the economy during recession. But this one is abit too much la, cuz from their conversation, they can’t really afford to buy branded stuff…and yet they are willing to swipe credit cards or ask their bf/husband/partner buy those stuff for em. I’ve always believed in living within your means…so those ppl annoys me. What’s more, the way they talk, OMG… really like pasar auntie… not that I am insulting pasar auntie… but omg, carry Lv bags, whole body with branded stuff and yet talk in a very unladylike manner…*faints* What happened to our education system? I believe I can answer that… OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM IS SCREWED. LMAO.

  9. Guat Im says:

    Hoho. You are back. Good good. I was begining to miss ma cuppa tea.

    1. LV is ugly. Sorry if the rest were to find LV attractive. It’s hideous. I think the recycle shopping bag is even lovelier.
    2. Peer pressure- In a group? I bet they are not only showing off to the outside but they wanted to outdo each other. I seriously doubt their friendship sincerity.
    3. Attention seeker hence so loud and the branded thingy. Perhaps they are in LV bag lover group eh?
    4. and oh, they are ignorant. About they being fooled into buying and about almost every other thing.

    Btw, you must have a big bag to carry so many thing!

  10. cleffairy says:

    Guat Im… lol… I second you… I never understood why some people tend to fallow trend when those trend will be out of season sooner or later. *sigh*
    LOL… my bag? No, it’s not that big… haha… but a lot of compartment in it and I squeeze in my stuff-well, i couldn’t live without those stuff when i go out…i think I’m guilty of bag abuse… 😛

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