East Meet West

There are a lot of things in life that is not worth arguing about as it can go on and on forever and instead of getting a solution, you’ll get stuck with resentments instead. I could name a few things that is not worth arguing about, but food definitely tops the list.

I haven’t been in the mood of cooking for quite some time now, and so, my family and I have been eating out.

We always find ourselves not knowing what to eat, or where to eat. Last Sunday, my husband and I were getting into the indecisive mood again; and knowing where such mood will lead and getting too tired of the same conversation on whether to go for Western or Oriental food, I decided that for once, we should have both. So we had these:


Hainanese chicken rice.


And black pepper chic chop with spaghetti.


And despite the fact that I’ve been trying to cut down soft drinks, I found my husband ordering Coke for me. It made me smile, cuz it comes with a hastag #lenglui, a Chinese word that literally means ‘pretty girl’. I’m a sucker for sweet talks and compliments. Lol. So yeah…the Coke may ruin my healthy diet regime for a day, but it makes me feel so good and happy.

Cleffairy: So what is the moral of the story? Well…perhaps it’ s really simple: choose to simplify life instead of complicating the matter, and instead of arguing about worthless things and sticking strictly to your principles, let go a little. You’all be surprised on how much you can actually win by losing.


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