Eco-friendly bags

Bag It, Don’t Bin It

You see, before I got to know Smallkucing, I never really gave reusable bags a thought.

That’s because I’m quite a litterbug and don’t quite give a damn about the environment. Shame on me. I’m the kind who fancies disposable stuff, because they’re hassle-free.

Eco-friendly bags were never in my dictionary until I get to know Smallkucing. He taught me that we’re never too young, or too old to do our part in conserving our environment and go green.

I’ve started to use these reusable bags since I got to know Smallkucing and his Mamarazzi. Like him, I now shop in style with my various colourful shopping bags. Talk about vanity. LOL. Don’t you think he looks cute modeling those bags? Suits him well, right? 😀

Anyway, here’s some tips on how to reduce plastic and paper bag consumption:

1. Start using reusable shopping bags. Find the right styles and designs to suit your taste and lifestyle.

2. Reuse plastic bags you have accumulated as garbage liners.

3. Start using Ultra Compact bags. Ultra Compact bags are small enough to stash in your purse, jacket, backpack, car, etc. Having one is always handy.

4. Spread the word to create awareness. Blog about it.

5. Cut down on plastic produce bags by bringing your own reusable produce bags when you shop.

Everyone should do their part in conserving the environment. Using eco-friendly bags is a good way to conserve the environment too. 😀 Let’s do our part.

Remember Captain Planet? Well, that guys says don’t pollute, and the power is in our hands. So stop polluting! Let’s take pollution down to zero!

Cleffairy: Sing along now!


“Go Planet!”

“By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

Captain Planet, he’s our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero

He’s our powers magnified
And he’s fighting on the planet’s side

Captain Planet, he’s our hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero

Gonna help him put asunder
Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

“You’ll pay for this Captain Planet!”

We’re the Planeteers
You can be one too
‘Cause saving our planet is the thing to do!

Looting and polluting is not the way
Hear what Captain Planet has to say!

“The Power is Yours!”

ps: Smallkucing and his Mamarazzi gave me the permission to use his photos. LOL…Please don’t steal it, okay? They’re not mine. If you wanna use them, please contact Smallkucing’s Mamarazzi at Smallkucing’s Blog.


  1. manglish says:

    ohhhh….smallkuching got recif anything from u for using his pic? hahahahahhahaha….ehhh btw this thought just suddenly cross my mind, where to find freelance writing job har? not really for the money but trying to hon my skill in the “real world” hehehhehe….thx in advance

  2. suituapui says:

    Be like me…use Kiew Brothers’ paper bag – crumpled, tattered and torn, mended with masking tape…you leave anywhere pun, nobody will want to take it. So very safe, plus good for the environment too!!! Not like Annie’s expensive leather bag – got sliced and pickpocketted at pasar malam…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… you’re like my late grandma… hahahha…I dun use handbags. I’m backpack kinda person. But lately, I’m quite into the eco-friendly bags when I shop… especially after seeing Joshua looking so cute carrying them. LOL..

      I can never use paper bags… lol… my groceries are so heavy! Sometimes, plastic bag oso can pecah! LOLOL!

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