Exotic Henna

Last month, when I was walking with my husband at Batu Feringghi night market, I can’t help myself but drawn to this particular stall…

Henna/mahendi stall. I used to see similar stalls like this in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, but usually I don’t go and get my hand drawn with henna because they are rather expensive. (Rather, I’m much more tempted to buy murukku and laddoo when I’m in Brickfields instead of spending it on Henna.)

In the Indian society, henna is painted on a bride’s hand and legs on the night before her wedding. The night is called ‘Henna Night’, and henna is supposed to excite the newly married couple. Trust me, henna does look really sexy and exotic if you really knows how to appreciate it. It’s also said that the bride’s honeymoon shouldn’t end as long as her henna is still intact.

I was feeling exceptionally romantic… and in the mood for love… and since the henna drawing just cost Rm5… so… why not, right?

I chose a simple design, and when the henna paste was washed away, it looks orangey on my skin. Really nice, and I must say, if I were to pass by a henna stall again, I’d probably choose a much more intricate design and have it drawn on both my hands and legs.


Cleffairy: I do weird things on my vacations… you wouldn’t really want to know what else I did.




  1. ladyviral says:

    Yep! Vacation is the time we let ourselves go and try whatever that comes along!

    The henna looks gorgeous! I wanna try that one day too. I wonder how my hand would like when I do though =3.

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