Experiencing the Starbucks Coffee Culture at Starbucks R&R Rawang

Coffee and tea is a very important part of my life. More often than not, they help to keep me energized and inspired through their high caffeine contents. But these caffeinated beverage is much more than just concoction that keeps you alert and awake. It is part of a food culture and it is especially true in one of the biggest coffee franchise in Malaysia, Starbucks. One of the culture and tradition in Starbucks that’s not really known to public is their Coffee Tasting Session. It is held usually to welcome their new partners, Coffee Masters or just or to just share their passion and knowledge with customers and I was privileged enough to join the partners and Coffee Masters in their private coffee tasting session in Starbucks R&R Rawang last weekend.

 photo IMG_1046_zpsu4viu2ge.jpg

The coffee that we tried during the Coffee Tasting Session was ‘Espresso Roast’.

 photo IMG_0972_zpsguum4kff.jpg

This one is famous for being the heart of Starbuck’s Handcrafted Beverages. Here’s waiting for the coffee to be done.

 photo IMG_1115_zpsppesdes2.jpg

In the coffee tasting sessions, I was told that there are 4 main steps to follow to fully enjoy the real taste of coffee:

Smell- To know the AROMA of the coffee.

Slurp- to SPRAY coffee on the entire palate of our tongue.

Locate- To know the WEIGHT of the coffee

Describe- to know more details regarding the coffee itself based on the 4 aspects which are the Body, Aroma, Flavour & Acidity.

 photo IMG_0981_zpslh3hexd6.jpg

One of the Starbucks R&R Rawang partner pouring a cuppa for us.

 photo IMG_1063_zpst4uleb9s.jpg

Enjoying our coffee. The Espresso Roast was a dark roast beverage and it feature full body, medium acidity and the flavours are more rich and caramelly. Basically this Espresso Roast is more on the sweet note, definitely for those who enjoy bold taste.

 photo IMG_1119_zpsdi7v8fgz.jpg

One of the Starbucks’ mission is “To inspire & nurture the human spirit, one person, one cup, one neighbourhood”, and I’m really glad to be a part of it.

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