Experiencing Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Birds Race at Resorts World Genting

It’s April as of writing and just like the previous years, the month is excitingly significant to my family. Why? Well, it’s because every year in the month of April, there will be the annual Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race organized by Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor.

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As mentioned in the previous post, the program is sponsored generously by Resorts World Genting. Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race is a program that emphasize on all things eco and indirectly cultivating the awareness of environmental care through birdwatching activities. Comfortably in its’ 5th year, Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race was once again held in the usually sleepy town of Kuala Kubu Bharu, Hulu Selangor.

Kuala Kubu Bharu is a district that is well known for its flora and fauna and has become the location of choice for local and international bird watchers. The program is a one of a kind bird watching competition where participants need to move from one checkpoint to another at different altitude, starting from Kuala Kubu Bharu and ending at Awana Resorts&Hotels according to their respective categories.

This is my third year covering for the Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race as a member of the media, and unlike the previous years where we went with the orgnizers, this year we were fully taken care of by the sponsor’s representatives, which is  Resorts World Genting. Unlike the previous years where things are rather formal, this time it’s pretty much free and easy and we get to have much more fun and join in more side activities instead of just followinh the bird race’s participants.

Here’s sharing our Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race experience with Resorts World Genting.

Day 1: Trailing Kuala Kubu Bharu

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Flagging off in the morning before moving to 5 checkpoints in the vicinity of the Kuala Kubu Bharu.

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Just like the previous years, the Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race maintains a watching competition that requires participants to move from one altitude to another, consequently giving the participants the opportunity to spot different species of birds in accordance with their habitat at different altitude.

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Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race also maintain a photography competition and activities like explorace for children and so we kicked off our morning adventure by following the participanys closely, escorted by Resorts World Genting PR executive, Mr. Ho Wei En.

 photo 20160423_102121_zpsmtloqex6.jpg

Upon arrival at one of the checkpoints, we spotted school children taking notes on their bird watching findings.

 photo 20160423_102052_zpsgctivvzo.jpg

Special need child participant with her minder.

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Special need participant spotted taking a short break from birdwatching.


Participants submitting logs to marshalls on duty diligently before heading back to the Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race starting point.

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Apart from bird watching and the tough bird race, there were also a drawing competition that was divided into three categories; Primary School Category, Secondary School Category and Open Category.

 photo 20160424_154610_zps6t9ha0h0.jpg

A display of artworks

 photo 20160424_154547_zpsgxevhlij.jpg

A closer look of birds theme artworks by participants.

One thing interesting about Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race is that there is something for everyone even if they did not participate in the bird race itself. Plenty of side activities can be found at the starting point where the set up is pretty much carnival-like.

 photo 20160423_114621_zpsxzhinegz.jpg

There’s plenty of things that can be done in Wings of KKB 2016: Selangor International Bird Race, but the only thing that caught my interest was just thee pottery class.

 photo 20160423_115503_zpsitioffqo.jpg

Taking the opportunity to get my hands on pottery making before heading up to Awana Genting Resort to spend the night there and wait for the next event on the next day. To take a glimpse on our accomodation, click HERE.

Day 2: Birdwatching at Awana Resort

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After having a good night sleep in Awana Genting Resort and breakfast in Rajawali, courtesy of Resorts World Genting, we head over to the bird watching platform before trekking into the jungle for some serious bird watching activities.

 photo 20160424_083222_zpshxgkuld8.jpg

Genting Highlands may be dubbed as gambler’s heaven and the City of Entertainment but the truth is, Genting Highlands have much more to offer than just that.

 photo IMG_3876_zps4tor0jg5.jpg

Who would have guessed that Genting Highlands is eco-lovers heaven and a perfect destination for an eco escapade? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that if I didn’t join Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat last year and bird race such as this one.

 photo IMG_3898_zpszu2ln2lk.jpg

My friend Andrew, getting all hyped up and beckoning us to march forward into the jungle.

 photo 20160424_084132_zps6suwcvjy.jpg

Trekking deep into the jungle for some serious birding.

 photo 20160424_091919_zpsnz19w1yo.jpg

Setting up equipments for birdwatching activities.

 photo 20160424_091546_zpsnnxwv07h.jpg

Taking a spot and sticking to it

 photo 20160424_084257_zpsshkhuz9k.jpg

Birders and photographers, absorbed in the bird watching activities. Trying to spot elusive birds is not an easy feat though they can be heard chirping around happily.

 photo IMG_3908_zpssz7n5oh8.jpg

Spotted: Co-host Kos Serani and Ms. Irene Chua looking somewhat worried as they haven’t spot any birds.

 photo 20160424_095050_zpsasjzeqwl.jpg

But with patience and a bit of luck,we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see several species of birds that lives in the virgin forest of Genting Highlands.

 photo IMG_4018_zpsexlldov2.jpg

Lovebirds spotted

 photo IMG_4025_zpssgcolhig.jpg

A lonely bird spotted at the Awana Resort’s golf course.

 photo 20160424_112923_zpsoi8dsub9.jpg

Mr. Ho Wei En and Ms. Chung Wan Ni checking out the pictures taken during birdwatching session before comparing the birds pictures that we took. We may not be participants in the bird race but it is fun nevertheless to join in the fun and do a little bird race of our own. We spotted at least 20 species of exotic birds residing in the vicinity of Awana Resort during our little excursion that morning, and my family and I were pretty much happy with the time spent getting close to nature that weekend.

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