Facebook Timeline for all on 7th August

Are you a Facebook user? Not sure if you’re a Facebook user, but I’m certainly one. I’m on Facebook most of the time. I lurk there for updates from friends as well as to waste my time away playing Facebook games.

I noticed this thing on the top of my facebook wall a couple of hours ago:

Timeline is your collection of the photos, posts and experiences that help tell your story. People won’t start seeing your timeline until 7 August. This gives you a chance to:

1. Review what’s on your timeline now.
2. Add or hide whatever you want.
Want people to see your timeline before 7 August? Just click Publish Now. Learn more.
Oh-uh…. does this mean that all Facebook users will be automatically converted to Timeline? I have nothing against Timeline, but personally I think it’s rather cluttered and messy. I wish Facebook would allow us the option to view our Facebook account in the ‘classic mode’, but from the look of it, it’s not likely. 🙁
So, ladies and gentlemen… if you’re not already using Facebook Timeline, are you excited and looking forward to Timeline?
Cleffairy: A lot of people are disliking the idea of changing to Timeline…I’m one of those people who prefers the clean look, but then again…Timeline has it’s advantage and I suppose I can adapt.


  1. suituapui says:

    They have been saying this for so long now…and I’m still waiting. I’m ready…cover photos and all. Change lah, no problem with me at all. Life goes on. Can’t understand people…always shouting for a change and a little change like this – supposedly for the better, they jump up and down and make more noise.

    Like the brand new Sibu airport – so much better than the miserable old one and all I hear are grumbles and complaints all around – and among a whole lot of things, they’re unhappy that it is not an international airport. Just about shows the mentality of some people… Just go and wash their faces in the water in the toilet bowl first! Tsk! Tsk!

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