CRES kicks off with a blast

Another backdated post. *been really busy lately* So, it was a really fine Saturday… what are these folks doing here?

Plenty of familiar faces in the beauty blogging industry were spotted…

And some traditional drummers were waiting on the side anxiously too. What’s going on?

Oh… they are waiting for CRES 9th outlet grand opening. CRES Wellness is the evolution of a fast-growing, international skincare empire. Established by the founder of Cellnique Paramedical – Asia’s first paramedical skincare brand – in 2003, CRES Wellness is a lush, welcoming spa, where each woman’s unique well-being needs are determined, and personalized solutions are carefully designed and applied.

s reflected in its name, which is the acronym for “Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance, and Sophistication,” CRES Wellness’ aim is for each woman to attain the ultimate end-product of beauty, rather than simply its manifestation of facial perfection and an hourglass figure – something which requires more than just a topically-self-applied product regimen.


The ribbon cutting ceremony for the new CRES outlet in Puchong, somewhere in IOI Boulevard.

The opening ceremony kicks off with a traditional blast where the red lions dance to the tune of the drum. I suppose the lion dance is to signify luck, or rather, inviting luck and prosperity into the outlet.

The boss, the CRES outlet’s crew as well as the two auspicious lions.

Based on an approach that addresses the body, mind, and spirit, CRES Wellness crafts personalized beauty treatments from 30 of the latest cutting-edge beauty services, which include facials, hydrotherapy, and slimming courses. With an emphasis on problem skin treatments and weight management programs, CRES Wellness’ services, which are administered by trained beauty therapists and dietitians, include Anti-aging Intervention, Cell Treatment Modality, Oxygenating Therapy, Weight Loss Management, Spa Stress Management, A Health & Beauty Supplement Program, A Beauty Bio-nutrient Program, Aromatherapy and Holistic Body Massage – which are all based on Cellnique’s paramedical products, technology, and expertise.

CRES was having sale up to 70% in conjunction of their new outlet opening and anniversary. Among items on displays was these skincare product from Cellnique

Plenty were spotted eye-ing on these skincare products…

And these face massager.

Interested in getting yourselves some of these products or some treatment in CRES Wellness, ladies? Well, you may check them out here in their Facebook Fanpage. 😀


Cleffairy: Do make a point to call in before you go for a treatment, ladies. CRES Wellness are usually fully booked.

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