Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting: Birdwatching at IBA, Awana Genting

I was first introduced to the joy of birdwatching back in the year 2014, where I was invited by Tourism Malaysia as a member of the media to do coverage for Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race 2014 and I have been providing coverage for the said event since then. Basically it is a birdwatching event that embed the element of amazing race in it. Participants were required to identify various kinds of birds from different altitudes, starting from Kuala Kubu Bharu and ends in Awana Genting.

As a member of the media, my job scope was merely to provide coverage and not experience the whole thing as a participant, and therefore, I never had the opportunity to really enjoy birdwatching, but fortunately for me, during my family’s most recent eco-escapade with Treks Enterprise in Awana Genting, we were brought to IBA in Awana, Genting Highlands to experience some real bird watching session.

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IBA (Important Bird Watching Area). This place is located nearby Awana Longhouse and is a home to various birds, including migratory birds.

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We kicked off our birdwatching session fairly early, under the guidance of a birding expert, Mr. Henry (the guy in the middle).

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Going deep inside IBA for some serious birdwatching.

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Spotted some birdwatchers patiently waiting for some rare migratory bird sightings.

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Serious birdwatching going on here

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We were quite lucky that morning. Unlike the birdwatching session with the participants of Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race 2016 back in April 2016, we spotted quite a number of rare birds this time.

We not only get to see rare migratory birds but also flying squirrel and lizard as well.

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One of the birds that lives in the virgin forest of Genting Highlands.

 photo IMG_4018_zpsexlldov2.jpg


 photo IMG_3925_zpsk3qrl41l.jpg

Can you see the bird? It’s hanging upside down.

 photo IMG_3937_zpsyywih1iz.jpg

Another resident bird in the vicinity of Awana Resort.

 photo IMG_3927_zpsmrbqxsf7.jpg

Other than birds, we managed to captures pics of other creatures too. And here’s a cute little squirrel.

It is unfortunate that I do not own a pair of binocular. I guess it is time to invest one. It is certainly useful during birdwatching session.

Treks Enterprise is offering all sort of guided walks and eco-related programmes and birdwatching is one of them.

For more information on other programmes offered by Treks, go to Treks’s website and Facebook page or please call 03-27181118 or logon to

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