Fancy Makeover at 3ina SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

What’s the most important aspect that’s the most important to you when it comes to personal grooming? I’m not sure what is the most important to you when it comes to personal grooming, but to me, it is important to have your own distinctive style and look beautiful from top to toe when you are out and about socializing, if not 24/7.

I believe that you’ll never know who you’ll meet whenever you go out every day and there’s no second chance in making a good first impresssion. As a mother and a professional who is already well into her 30s, I make it a point to look as pleasant as possible. My style; always the subtle and professional look.

When it comes to clothings, I always go for those that are always in style. Hairstyle? Not too fancy. And makeup? Well, makeup must always be long lasting and non staining. Problems? Yes. Most makeups that I got from the drugstores are not always long lasting and they pretty much stain easily.

Getting advices from beauty blogger friends around, I was introduced to a couple of trustworthy makeup brands that are not only affordable, but long lasting and doesn’t stain as well. One of them is 3ina.


3ina, pronounced as “Mina” is the brainchild of retail gurus and entrepreneurs Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve. This new makeup brand is planning a rapid expansion worldwide, and the latest being the one in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. If you haven’t heard of this cosmetic brand yet, I have no doubt that you will soon be very familar with it.


Offering professional grade European-made cosmetics at an accessible price tag, this brand is set to be a big contended on the makeup scene.


Cruelty free, highly pigmented and offering a huge range of choice when it comes to formulations, this makeup player seems really promising.


Captivated with what they are offering, I decided to have a little makeover during the opening of their new store in SkyAvenue.


3ina Makeup assigned a MUA to attend to me and I told her that I wanted something different that the makeup that I usually worn.


I was in the mood for something really colourful, festive and striking.

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A work in progress

And my MUA gave me exactly just as I requested.


Something really colourful, cheerful and festive, with a touch of gold scheme for my eyes.

Makeover at 3ina Makeup, SkyAvenue Resorts World Genting

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2018-02-12.

Check out my vlog on the entire makeover.


So what do you think? I kinda like how striking the colours are and the makeup makes me look as if I was still in my teenage years. Not my usual daily makeup look, but certainly the kind of look I would want to wear during events and special occasions.

All cosmetics produced by 3ina are not tested on animals and paraben-free. If you are into makeups that are long lasting, striking in colours and cruelty free, then 3ina is definitely for you.

For more info on 3ina, check out the information below:

3INA Makeup,
Level 2, SkyAvenue
Resorts World Genting



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