5 Top Tips for Planning Your Perfect Destination Wedding


Planning a destination wedding means enjoying a two-for-one wedding and honeymoon in a beautiful location of your choice. Once you’ve picked out your ideal overseas wedding location, it’s time to sit down and start figuring out how to plan your big day thousands of miles away from home. But, before you book your tickets and jet off to an exotic island or period castle to marry your love, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind to ensure that the celebrations run smoothly for both the happy couple and their guests. Here are some top tips to consider when planning your perfect destination wedding.

Tip #1. Choose Your Location Wisely

Choosing a destination wedding location is all about the chance to get married in a place that you love, however, it’s important to consider the logistics, too. For example, a cute seaside town that you both loved spending time at as children may not be the best location for your wedding if there’s not enough accommodation for guests, although the location holds sentimental value for you. It’s a good idea to consider the cost of getting to the location for your guests, too – opt for destinations with reasonably priced flights, and try to put your guests all in one reasonably affordable hotel. Villas are also available for a wedding in Mykonos.

Tip #2. Hire a Planner:

Planning your own wedding at home can seem like an impossible task, so when it comes to putting together your perfect wedding day abroad, it’s usually a wise idea to invest in a professional wedding planner who specialises in destination weddings. This way, you won’t need to worry about navigating potential language barriers or being unable to check your venues out before you book them – you’ll have an experienced expert on hand to take care of everything for you and ensure you have the wedding of your dreams. If a planner isn’t covered by your budget, some resorts offer wedding packages to help you put together the big day of your dreams.

Tip #3. Visit in Advance:

Another great thing about having a destination wedding is that you can use it as a great excuse to take a vacation together. Ideally, you would see your venue once before making the booking, and again a few months before the wedding to go over all the details and finalise them. Before booking a venue for your wedding in Mykonos, it’s a good idea to see them in person – photographs and descriptions on the internet can be deceiving, so it’s worth visiting the venue to make sure that it’s the type of place that you’d like to tie the knot at. If a second trip after booking isn’t possible, try to arrive at the destination around five or six days prior to your wedding date to take care of details.

Tip #4. Tailor Your Wedding Outfits:

Destination weddings tend to be a lot more chilled and relaxed than traditional ceremonies, particularly those that take part on the beach. If you’re planning to get married in a hot climate, then you might want to relax the dress code for your big day a little bit. This is especially important for the bride, who’ll need to make sure that her wedding dress is tailored to fit the climate. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics.

Tip #5. Notify Guests Well in Advance:

Asking your guests to save the date for a destination wedding will involve a lot more work for them than a wedding at home. You’ll need to make sure that your guests have enough time to ensure that they can afford to come along, book their flights and accommodation, and take time off from their job if necessary to attend your wedding. This why most destination weddings involve a close-knit gathering of family and close friends. Whoever you’re planning to invite, make sure that you let them know as far in advance as possible. Destination weddings can be beautiful and memorable for everybody involved. But, planning a wedding in a foreign country can be stressful. Hopefully, these top tips have helped you get started with putting together the plan for your big day.

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