Fried beef fettuccine with cheesy toast

This is yet another of my attempt to be creative in the kitchen. I bought some Australian beef on sale the other day, and didn’t really know what to do with it cuz I kinda got sick of making steaks out of it. I bet Gratitude can’t wait to get his hands on me and shake me til I rattle for screwing around with pasta again.  But I have no doubt that STP and Pete will be very proud of me. LOL.

Anyway, here’s how I do it:

Ingredients for fried beef fettuccine:

Some beef, cut into small pieces

1 egg

3 spoonful of chilli sauce

2 spoonful of ketchup

2 spoonful of oyster sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 glass of water

1/2 pack of fettuccine, boiled til al dante.

Some oil

Fry the beef until it’s half cooked with some oil, add in the 1/2 glass of water and the oyster sauce.

Dump in the fettuccine, let it sizzle for a while before adding the ketchup and chilli sauce.

Make a ‘hole’ in the middle of the frying pan, and crack in an egg.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper, and stir well. The fettuccine should have sticky texture by now. Take out, and place it in a plate, and prepare the side dish: Cheesy french toast.

Ingredients for cheesy French toast:

1 egg

1 slice of cheddar cheese, shredded

1 teaspoon of chopped garlic

1 teaspoon of mayonnaise (optional)

Some sliced bread (I used some stale bread for this)

Crack the egg into a bowl, shred 1 slice of cheddar cheese into it, add in the chopped garlic and mayonnaise and beat them up before dipping the sliced bread into it.

Pour in some cooking oil into the frying pan, and fry the bread til golden brown. take out, and serve with the fettuccine.

Preparation time for the dish above: 30 minutes

Yield: 3 servings

Cleffairy: The kitchen is my chemistry lab, all right.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Nah, the poor quality is as the result of not only the lighting…but it’s because of my ohone. I never did use the camera for better effect, nor I bother to edit the pics. Unskillful and lazy is the word.

  1. donna says:

    wei.. makcik, what happen to your blog? cannot open one!! kena virus ar?
    oh.. btw.. monday back to work then i read ok.. and now i need to go pee.. =.=

  2. donna says:

    read already,
    yea loh all so dark geh? since you already got your book published, then faster buy camera to reward yourself loh.. hehehehe…

  3. suituapui says:

    Fetuccinne looks good…like kway teow in the photos. LOL!!! Wah…you in cooking mode, Isee. Every day cooking… Hubby didn’t take you out makan, izzit? Hehehehehe!!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Everyday oso cook wan lerr, Cikgu. Outside food are expensive, and sometimes, duzzin taste oso.

      Everyone oso fussy, liddat lorr… this not nice, that not nice, this dowan eat, that dowan eat, so I end up cooking, and prolly will cook all the way to my grave oso.

      Cham liao la! Shud have pretended dumb and dono how to cook last time. Could have saved me the troubles of cooking to death now. I used to really like to cook, it calms me and keep my tummy warm. But now, just a routine.

  4. Bridge says:

    Hi Cleff! I didn’t know you changed your blog’s URL. I realized I didn’t send you an invitation yet to read my blog. Can you please give me your email address? You can send it to my email address so I can invite you a.s.a.p.

    Anyway, there are different kinds of pasta here. My favorite one happens to be fettuccine. Thanks for blogging this.


  5. mnhl says:

    wow…look delicious. But fried bread very oily wor….don’t you think so? My friend once did the fired bread with minced prawn….very yummy but very oily.

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