Miles away…

Last few weeks, I made a very long phone call to my father as well as my grandfather who lives miles away from me. It alarmed both of them badly because I don’t usually talk very long with both of them, so I guess that explains why my father dropped by in KL under the guise that he have business to attend to in KL. I really wonder if my father really have business to attend to in KL or he really did drop by because of me?

He didn’t seems to be busy with his meeting and presentation preparations this time. He appeared to be pretty relaxed… enjoying good food and good long walks with my mother. He even asked me if I wanted to join them shopping. I told him no, and he wondered if it’s because my payday have yet to arrive? And if it’s so, perhaps he could give me some sort of payday advance by letting me swipe his card to my heart’s content and buy whatever I like instead of just what I need. (Payday advance, my arse…that’s his way of trying to lift my mood and coax me into talking about what’s bothering me and I don’t have to pay a single cent back to him after that)

I don’t know if my father is on business or pleasure in KL this time, but for what it’s worth, I’m glad that he dropped by to see me. That explains why I suddenly go MIA without any advance notice. My father was in KL, and it’s certainly better talking to him than staying here online, cuz he actually listens and would never hurt me with harsh words and whatnot. He have his ways of talking to me… to advise me, to make me think, and to make me deal with my problems without damaging me.

He is a wise man and knew me very well. He could tell if I have problems with just listening to my voice, and he would advise me and comfort me. Wished I had heed his advises when I was a brat. Unfortunately, I had not the wisdom back then. I pray I do now.

Cleffairy: It is really comforting to know that though my life is not my own now, I would always be his daughter no matter what I do, and I could actually take a break from my mundane life for a while with merely one phone call. Nice to know, eh? One flight ticket, with merely one phone call. 😀

ps: God, of all the things you gave me… thank you for giving me my dad.


  1. suituapui says:

    Phew!!! I’m so relieved…and so very glad you’re back. Was beginning to wonder what had happened to you. Probably busy with the book signing and what not…and was about to post on Facebook tagging everybody we know to find out where on earth you had vanished to. Glad you had some time with your dad. Sure meant a lot to you…and definitely to him too!

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