Functional & Creative Bags For My Traveling Needs

This is the year 2014. The Visit Malaysia year. And in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign, I made it a point to travel to at least one location that I haven’t been to before every month. It is my 2014 resolution, and so far, my personal Cuti Cuti 1Malaysia mission is somewhat accomplished and I just need to keep the momentum going. I can proudly say that I have visited more than 10 new tourist attraction/ locations/destinations within Malaysia with both of my boys Garfield and Little A. Praise God for all the blessings that He poured on us. πŸ™‚

Traveling has been quite an eye opening experience for me. It gave me delightful insights and changed my perspective on plenty of things in life. Traveling practically put me outside of the box, and I’m eternally grateful for every single opportunity to travel that comes my way. I used to feel like a frog in a well…someone who is living in her own world, but now…I don’t feel that way anymore.

Yes. I’ve learned a lot and experience a lot while traveling. There is no complaints on that, but my pitiful traveling backpack probably does not share the same sentiment. After traveling for almost every month, my faithful pink backpack and sneakers are now worn out from my abuse.

Now, I’m not the sort of person who buys a lot of shoes and bags just because I feel like it. I only buy em if I need em, so when my precious pink backpack started to tell me that it ‘wants to retire from traveling’ I got kinda aghast.

I knew I will need to get a new one immediately, but I couldn’t really find something that suits my needs.

 photo IMG_20140830_102903_zpsssqbttmf.jpg

But thank God for Terminus.

 photo IMG_20140830_103031_zpsbbdlvj4y.jpg

They are having all sort of creative and functional bags on sale. Will you just look at that? I was practically drooling.

 photo IMG_20140830_102439_zps9gbarjnn.jpg

More bags on sale in the Terminus store. Each and every one of these bags are unique and of high quality. I was eyeing on some of their traveling bags, especially their New Invisible Urban Roller that is specially designed for traveling and comes with retractable rollers, but I was informed that it was not available for my taking, so after much consideration, I settled for this bag instead:

 photo PhotoGrid_1409399089954_zpske1obmqk.jpg

what is the best username for a dating site a bag that is designed for young parents. To put it on a layman term, this bag is a diaper and formula milk bottle bag for parents to use to carry around their baby’s needs, but hey, although I don’t have a tiny tot and my son is already in primary school, who says I can’t use this bag for traveling purpose? I can always improvise. πŸ˜‰ Let’s take a look at my new red babe.

The Terminus Urban Dad Backpack is vibrant, tough and sturdy and comes with 1 year warranty. That is definitely a plus point for me as I travel a lot and I use backpacks like a Godzilla on rampage. Price tag that is attached to it: RM299.

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The bag comes with a tough and sturdy grab handle.

 photo IMG_20140830_110211_zpsek85wqgt.jpg

And there is a zippered compartment to hold your wallet, mobile phone, car keys, ipad/tablet & some other gadgets personal belongings.

 photo IMG_20140830_110353_zps0twkpjx0.jpg

Convenient storage pockets and pad for changing diapers. I don’t need a foldable pad for changing diapers on the go, but this item would definitely be useful if I were to go on an impromptu picnic or even camping. I just can take this out, spread it onto the ground and sit on it. πŸ˜‰

 photo IMG_20140830_110301_zpsx7kfzkcy.jpg

Detachable storage divider for thermo food jar, milk powder dispenser & etc. This would go well with my camera equipments, but for overnight travels, I’d probably take out the detachable storage divider and put my clothing in instead. πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_20140830_110154_zpsnoovjdfw.jpg

There is a velcro front flap for easy access to wet tissue. Awesome for both children and adults on the go. We tend to make a mess out of ourselves and get all smelly and sweaty while traveling. Having an easy access to wet tissues or wet wipes is definitely a convenience.

 photo IMG_20140830_110144_zpswm7z4fev.jpg

Last but not least,Β the feature that I like in this bag is the two side thermos pockets where you can store your cold or hot drink.

Overall, I’m happy with my choice of backpack from Terminus, and I seriously recommend all of you to take a look at their website if you wanna buy a bag for whatever purpose. They are offering creative and functional bags at a very competitive price. And the best part? You can do your shopping online! So what are you waiting for? Hop over and check it out!


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