A friend of mine was asking me yesterday why there’s no food post from me lately. She was wondering if I’ve given up cooking. The answer is no. I haven’t give up poisoning my family and friends yet.

It’s just that it’s now Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, and to honour that, I will not post up any food entry in my blog, to respect my Muslim readers and friends. I would feel really bad if I ‘tempt’ my Muslim readers with food via my blog posting.

All food posting would be resumed next month when Ramadan is over and when Eid is finally celebrated.

If you’re a new reader, please don’t be surprise if you see my mad rantings as well as book reviews throughout the month of Ramadan. I’ll be reverting back to my ‘Old’ Over A Cuppa Tea style of writing. I assure you, that is quite temporary. But don’t worry, unless you’re going to my ‘Old’ Over A Cuppa Tea, you’ll find the articles over here are quite light and easy read.

Generosity is plural. Not singular. Won’t you agree with me? Well… to me generosity is plural. It’s abundant in nature. I have encounter a lot of people who are generous and expect nothing in return when they give. They are completely giving.

Yesterday, I went to the Ramadan Bazaar near my place, and as usual, food stalls are mushrooming. They’re selling various food for Muslim who are breaking fast. I love to go to this bazaar every Ramadan.

It gives me so much joy. I’m not sure how things work in Ramadan Bazaar elsewhere, but here in my place, the stall owners are quite generous. When you buy things from them they’ll give a lot more extra than usual, and when you go near to the breaking fast time, you can get a lot of food for free.

I just got free drinks, extra yong tau fu, Rm1 fried beehoon, and free koay teow soup and free beef noodles yesterday when I went to the bazaar. Wow. Eight years going to the same bazaar, and things still never change despite of the inflation and whatnot. Isn’t it amazing? The people there are still as generous and as friendly as ever.

And if you go near to the breaking fast time, you can also see the sellers giving and exchanging their food for their breaking fast. To me… this is generosity… this sort of sharing… really touches me. I’m not sure if you can still see this elsewhere, but boy am I glad that I can still see such display and exchange in my place.

Cleffairy: It is nice to see that to some, business is not just about profit, but also about friendship and charity.


  1. eugene says:

    I like your thoughts about the word” generosity” a simple word, a profound meaning…….. i think one’s genorsity needs not need to be amplified or made known, it is for us to see it, that’s a true genorisity….. it is just like, a person who keeps saying” you know that day, i lent so much so much to a frien because he was broke”

    hey good day and great week ahead and god bless

  2. suituapui says:

    Ya…my daughter’s friends complained why I always posted food pics. I guess that will be a taste of their strength and faith. Hehehehehe!!! Anyway, knowing jolly will what they will get to see, they did not have to drop by my blog for the whole month mah…

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