Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015: Teambuilding

Part of the activities planned for us media and participants alike during the Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015 was team building activities. Dubbed as a treasure hunt session as it sounded less intimidating for the children, the whole thing not only required mental but physical endurance as well.

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Our second day of the eco retreat started off with a short morning run.

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And morning exercise before we gathered at the campground for briefing for our next activity, which is the treasure hunt a.k.a teambuilding. We were told during the briefing that there are a few stages of the treasure hunt to be completed. And each completed task will be awarded with a clue to the next task and destination.

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Our first task was to complete a set of puzzle. Our team managed to complete the first task within minutes and was awarded with the clue to the next destination.

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Our first stop was the extreme park where we were there was a couple of task that we need to complete within a stipulated time in order to obtain the clue to the next destination.

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All the activities were quite tough and requires teamwork. If you are not a teamplayer, then you probably would not be able to complete all the tasks given. This tasks for example, requires leadership and coordination.

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Coordination is crucial

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Patience and physical endurance is a must during this kind of activities.

Tasks that requires strategizing was also included in our activities.

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Making catapult is also one of the tasks given to us, and ironic as it is, this is the most challenging tasks of all and most participants stuck at this stage, mainly because they failed to build a catapult that really works.

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Mercifully, like other teams, our team passed against all odds and managed to complete all the tasks given.

We did not win, but we gained not only experience but friendship as well. Energy taxing as it is, these things is the kind of thing I don’t mind doing regularly. Beats being a couch potato or attached to the gadget like a dog on leash.

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