Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015: Camping Out

Thanks to my sheltered upbringing and childhood, I never had a chance to go camping with my schoolmates. And as an adult, camping becomes one of my greatest fantasy and it has been in my bucket list for quite some time now.

Naturally, when my family and I were invited to Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015 and were given the option to either overnight at the Awana Longhouse or in a tent at the campground, I opt to stay at the campsite for the night without any second thoughts whatsoever. Sure, the longhouse was really intriguing and appealing, but I was much more interested in making my childhood dream a reality more.

As an adult, making love outdoor with my husband, in the privacy of the tent was one of my kinky masterplan when I decided to stay at the campground instead of the Awana Longhouse. Unfortunately for me, my plan failed because we ended up having neighbours as the rest of the bloggers and kids bloggers opt to stay at the campsite too rather than staying at the longhouse. Better luck next time, I guess.

Having said that, here’s sharing some pictures and experience camping out for a night at Awana Longhouse camping ground.

 photo 20151206_134504_zpsdlpkqedi.jpg

The campground. Resort World Genting PR Team, Ms. Irene Chua, Eric Moo and Paul Hong taking a selfie just after monitoring the tents set up. Yes, they too camped out with us.

 photo 20151206_134745_zpswuwx3qer.jpg

One of the Resort World Genting PR who were responsible taking care of us and photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Ho Wei En. Thanks to him, my husband, my son and I had loads of candid photos taken throughout the Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015.

Initially we thought that we will be sleeping on the hard ground but we were wrong. Mattresses, pillows and sleeping bags were prepared for us.

 photo received_10208048639391558_zpsi8ghibmw.jpeg

Ms. Irene Chua posing for me in a tent. I was makeup free and look like crap so I wasn’t in much mood for photography that time. Just see how comfortable she looks in there.

 photo 20151205_211010_LLS_zpsmoxm5pph.jpg

Nightfall at the campsite

 photo 20151205_225913_zpsc6lh7ra0.jpg

Our tent, with mattresses and pillows.

 photo 20151205_225903_zpsancddp6z.jpg

The roof of our tent. The tent is from Coleman brand and is sturdy and waterproof. It can fit in 6 person comfortably inside and well ventilated. It actually rained that night but we slept comfortably until morning.

Visiting our neighbour at night.

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These boys seems to have so much fun before going to sleep.

 photo 20151223_234315.png_zpsu4b676rm.jpeg

Misty morning at the campsite and some of us overslept and missed the morning run.

 photo 20151206_072605_zpsf4jwnq28.jpg

The unrepentant who hid in the tent while the rest went for a morning jog. Picture taken after everyone else were safely on their way jogging on the hill. Yours truly, the photographer for this picture along with her husband and son was in the same club who did not go for the morning run. Yes. The tent was too comfortable and we overslept. Thankfully, our camp commander did not reprimanded us for that.

Despite of my twarted plan to get amorous and initiate some sexy time while camping, I enjoyed camping out with both my husband and son immensely and would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

Thank you Resort World Genting PR Team for tour hospitalitt and making my childhood fantasy of camping out a reality.

Resort World Genting is offering teambuilding and eco packages similar to this Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015 program. Should you require information on teambuilding events and accomodation in Awana Longhouse of want to camp out please refer HERE.

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