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Public speaking is one of the scariest thing for most people. I’m quite a talkative person in nature. But this is only true when you get to know me better. I usually don’t like to talk to people whom I just made acquaintance with. It feels just so weird and awkward and I always have the nagging feeling that people is scrutinizing me as I speak, in my opinion. I also have fear of speaking in public, and while I have someone overcame my fear for the camera through loads of selfie sessions with my smartphone, I have yet to overcome my stage fright. I don’t know why I’ve become a person with no confidence. I used to be such a bold and daring person but I suspect adulthood has something to do with it as people mercilessly scrutinize me all the time and I suspect, are waiting for me to make a mistake and rub it to my face.

Yes, speaking publicly is terrifying and more often than not, when I’m placed in such predicament, I would stammer. But I don’t intend to let this go on. Being in the media line, I’m required to verbally communicate in public a lot and I surely hope I can speak in an outstanding manner and impress people while I’m at it.

I was looking for some sort of consultant to groom me and help me boost my confidence when an old friend, Josh Lim approached me and told me that he provides such service.

I have yet to try it out due to time constraint, but here’s sharing his service, just in case you have confidence issues too and would like to rectify that.

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This program is designed to help people introduce & talk about themselves in more interesting ways & have better conversations and  reduce their accents, avoid common mistakes & speak more clearly (non-native English speakers). Trust me, reducing ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ will make a huge difference in your life. Well even if it doesn’t, it will still at least make you stand out above the rest.

The starter package of RM150 includes:

➡️  One-on-one meetup or video call with Josh Lim to assess and improve your current speaking capabilities (1 hour)
➡️  Josh will work together with you to produce a 1-2 paragraph biography/introduction of you in professional/casual English as you prefer, which you can use in social media or publications
➡️  A before and after training video of you introducing yourself that you can keep for reference
➡️  Identify key areas you can improve as well as identify your common verbal mistakes (eg ums & ahs)
➡️  Advise you based on your current social network & friends, on how you can plan activities and make the right environment so that your speaking and confidence can continually grow.
➡️  A 30 minute follow up session over Whatsapp, one week later to recap progress and improvement

Do watch the videos on this product page if you’d like to get an idea of his speaking capabilities as well as how he help to train people with their speech.

Follow up and advanced training will be billed between RM100-RM250 per hour, depending on client requirements & your targets. If you wish to have a free 15 minute consultation, fill in this form (click & press Sign Up):

Or you may contact Josh Lim at:  +60123995674 for further details.

I for one would like to make a breakthrough in boosting my confidence and get over the fear of speaking in public. Now, who’s with me?

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