Pendrive: A Trustworthy Data Storage Solution

As a writer, blogger and tourism activist, I rely alot on gadgets like smartphones, DSLR camera and laptop to get all my work done on the go. I don’t have the convenience of sitting in an office 9-5 daily as more often than not, I’m always outdoor somewhere. Believe it or not, this article was produced on the go by using a WordPress apps that’s installed in my smartphone. I do my work anytime, anywhere while I’m on the go as I see fit. That is how important these gadgets are to me. They help me to get my work done at my own convenience.

As important and convenient they are in helping me deliver my work, these working tools does have a few annoying limitations. I’m quite a hardcore user and rhe batteries of these gadgets are always depleted and to make things worst, I always find myself in akward situations where the memories are not enough. As a result to that, I often missed out on writing inspiring things that came to mind or missed capturing beautiful moments in pictures. Call me a hogger but deleting old files and pictures in these devices is not an option as they have their own values, be it monetary or sentimental.

While asking for a nuclear powered smartphones or cameras with infinite memory storage is still a farfetch thing at the moment, the technology right now still allows extensive memory storage through certain devices. Pendrive for example is offering a trustworthy data storage solution for various kinds of gadgets.

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I managed to get my hands on a couple of them and thought that they are such a lifesaver. Here’s sharing some of the Pendrive gadgets that I’ve been using;

PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG)

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PenDrive On The Go is a genius creation by Pendrive. This device allows you to instantly extend your smartphone storage space by just plugging in. Yes. It is a plug and play kinda device. All you need to do is just plug them into your phone Micro B Connector and it will instantly functioned as an extra storage for your phone. One of PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG) feature is USB 3.0 with 120.9 MB/sec reading speed.

PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG) is available in 4 different colours with different capacities:

8GB (Black)- RM 25
16GB (Silver)- RM 31
32 GB (Gold) -RM 48
64GB (Rose Gold)- RM 85

PenDrive On-The-Go (OTG) is compatible with Android phones but those who are using iPhones; you’ll need to get a connector to change from the Micro B connector to lighting connector.

PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB (USB 3.0)

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Elegantly presented, PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB packs quite a punch. The PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB (USB 3.0) offers you 128 GB space fast data transfer speed. PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB is also a plug and play device, so using them is pretty much a straight forward affair.

PenDrive RocketX PRO UHS-3

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PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB is actually an SD Card and it is an absolute lifesaver, especially for photography enthusiasts. It boasts a memory storage of 128GB. Owing to the the huge capacity the PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB is a necessity especially when you are traveling and wants fuss free photography experience. Pairing this with your cameras will allow loads of pictures and HD Video recording without interruption or the need to transfer the data away.

PenDrive Lightning-X 128GB comes in 3 chocies of capacity:

128GB (RM 255)
64GB ( RM 125)
32GB (RM 72) 

PenDrive Nano∞ Infinite (SSD)

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PenDrive Nano∞ Infinite (SSD) is actually an external hardisk. My first impression is that it would be big in size but I was certainly wrong. It’s pretty cute and chic with its compactly small size of 1.8″. This is great individials that wants mobility from their external storage devices. This is definitately packable in any handbags or backpacks. PenDrive Nano∞ Infinite (SSD) offers you high speed transfer up to 380 MB/s.

PenDrive Nano∞ Infinite (SSD) are available in different sizes of capacity:

128GB (RM 215)
256 GB (RM 375)
512GB (RM 695)
1 T (RM 1395) 

My professional life improves after using these Pendrive devices. Pre-Pendrive, I often get frustrated on data storage limitations but post-Pendrive, I never have to worry about missing out on anything and I no longer have to miss out on capturing beautiful moments just because I ran out of storage space on my devices.

Overall, Pendrive is indeed a smart and trustworthy data storage solution for me.

For more information on products by Pendrive, click HERE.

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