Hairy Mary Hair Remover Experts Opens Third Branch in Publika

Women love our hair but let’s be honest, we only like it in certain places—on our heads and on our pets. Taming the fuzz can result in much time and money spent with literally painful results. Wary of laser-burn or fed-up of in-growns?Your answer could be Hairy Mary, your hair removal specialists, the centre is the first to use a cutting-edge Korean-based THOR laser treatment to permanently zap hair away.Judging by its fast-growing presence in the Klang Valley with 3 outlets opening in just one year, the technology has proven to be very popular.Hairy Mary started as an offshoot to Dr Por’s aesthetic clinic YS Clinic, which provides a range of services treating various concerns such as aging, pigmentation and scarring.Dr Por is a licensed medical physician and a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Por decided to establish a separate outlet after demand skyrocketed.According to founder Dr Por Yang Sheng, THOR’s superior delivery system to conventional IPL treatments is the reason why. It targets areas with more precision for maximum efficiency.“This laser emits a more concentrated burst in single wavelengths which means that individual hair follicles can be targeted and destroyed. Energy distribution is also more even. It’s quicker, so clients enjoy shorter treatment sessions,” explains Dr Por. The innovative advances in THOR laser technology combine a cooling system that minimizes damage to surrounding tissue which results in less pain.“My clients are very satisfied with this treatment because they hardly feel any pain. It’s practically pain-free! They also report less sensitivity after treatment,” says Dr Poh.Adding to the customer experience is a complimentary post-treatment kit for home application. It contains preparations from Spain made from plant extracts that help soothe, heal and prevent future growth.THOR works on all skin and hair types unlike IPL, which can be less effective on light or fine hair.“This system allows us treat a wide variety of people from diverse ethnic groups with any skin and hair colour and type. In a multicultural country like Malaysia it’s important for us to be able to cater to everyone, “Dr Por explained.And because it’s more efficient, fewer sessions are required to see results which can lead to significant cost-savings.Pain-free, faster, and cheaper? Is this too good to be true?“Actually, clients do report hair reduction after just one session and depending on the area, need fewer visits to achieve a permanent solution compared to IPL. So yes, it can be very kind to your purse!” said Dr Por.“Overall, I feel this is the most comfortable and effective way to treat unwanted hair permanently. We are trained specialists and I hope more customers try our safe and proven service at Hairy Mary,” says Dr Por.In conjunction with the opening of Hairy Mary’s new Publika branch, the company is pleased to announce a collaboration with celebrity and entrepreneur Ardell Aryana whose vast experience in the beauty industry and creative spirit will help boost Hairy Mary’s expansion.Hairy Mary currently offers its clients MYR118 for 1-year treatment of selected part Year-end promotion with up to 70% discounts of its normal treatment price.For more info on Hairy Mary, visit:

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