Haunted Hotel Movie Review


‘Haunted Hotel’ is Ryon Lee’s latest masterpiece, starring actor and actresses from 3 countries; Malaysia, Thailand and China. The movie sees Teddy Chin (Malaysia), Alvin Chong (Malaysia), Azman Hassan (Malaysia) and several foreign actors such as Aom Sushar Manaying (Thailand) and Li Chuan (China) works together in a thriller-horror movie.

Rated: PG13
Time: 1hr 32 mins

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Haunted Hotel‘ tells the story of Ling and her boyfriend Jun, who had the opportunity visit Malaysia during a business trip. They happened to have won a lot of money in a casino in Genting Highlands during their trip, but unfortunately for the couple, they could not leave after winning the money as it is already dark and rains heavily. Instead of going home, they decided to stay for the night.Their first choice of accommodation was somewhere near the casino but it happens to be public holiday and the hotels over there are fully booked. The couple then unknowingly booked themselves into Amber Court, a secluded hotel that is known to be haunted.

Strange things started to happen during their stay and they were often disturbed by a woman in white dress. What will happen to this couple? Will they be able to live to tell the tale?


Haunted Hotel‘s horror continues to warm up the cinema with the success of RM600 thousand in Malaysia and RM11 million in China in just 4 days since October 19. The production films produced by Lomo Pictures in collaboration with He Media from China cost RM4.8 million and were shot in Malaysia, mainly in Amber Court, Genting Highlands; an apartment that is said to be the top 10 haunted places in Asia.

So, what did I think about the movie? Good or bad? Well, how do I give my opinion without giving you the spoilers? All right, personally I think this is a standard Asian type of horror movies. Typical creepy scenes where characters being chased, someone murdered, and even the usual headless ghost scene is included in.

Sounds normal and unexciting, no? So what makes this so special? Well, what set this different from the rest of the horror movies I’ve watched is that ‘Haunted House‘ is more than just plain horror. If you look beneath the surface, it’s more to pshychological thriller where we delved into the main character’s imaginations layer by layer. The script was so cleverly written than you don’t actually realized where the story is taking us until it’s half way through.

The movie also deals with the main character’s resentments, trauma and guilt alongside with psychological disorder.

The movie brings us to plenty of freaky locations, and shocks us with quite a few scary scenes, but overall, I think the story is just so sad and I feel sorry for the main character Ling when the movie ends.

Haunted Hotel‘ the movie is creepy but not scary enough to scare me to the point I’ll be having nightmares at night.
I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars.


If you are a fan of horror movies, you might want to watch the ‘Haunted Hotel‘ at your nearest cinema. The movie will be haunting 69 selected cinemas in Malaysia from 19th October 2017.

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