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I’m a huge fan of tea. My blog’s name, Over A Cuppa Tea says it all. Similar to other caffeinated drinks, drinking tea helps me to keep my head clear and alert. As a writer, I need to stay inspired and full of ideas at all times and tea helps me do just that. There are varieties of teas in my kitchen cabinet at home. My favourite kind of teas are iced tea and they are mostly flavoured fruit teas like Peach Tea, Apple Teas, Strawberry Teas and many more. I can never work without having a glass of iced tea on my table. They’re like drugs and they keep me feeling refreshed, even during those long working days.

Anyway, speaking of long working days, I recently took on a project and the commitments involved in making this project works is somewhat taking a toll on my body. I can practically feel the stress in my bones and it is having bad effects on my body. I’ve been suffering from nasty headaches that leads to migraine. If that is not bad enough, I suffer from tummy bloatedness and insomnia as well.

I’ve been to the doctor’s office to get some help, of course, but nothing prescribed by the doctor actually works and in the end they conclude that these are merely stress-related symtoms and all I need to do is just take it easy. Well, taking easy is not quite my style, and I remember my late grandmother used to suffer the same thing as I did as well when she was still alive and she would come up with all sort of home remedies to fix what’s ailing her and our family. Among her famous home remedy is the Ginger Root Tea with Honey. Whenever she feels off, she would brew some ginger root tea and pair it with a spoonful of raw honey or a slice of lemon.


Now, I’m pretty much useless in the kitchen to prepare such a home remedy, but thank God I’m living in an era where I can just buy such things and here’s sharing with you an awesome tea that has healing properties and works magic on bodily discomforts; CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea.


CAROMA infuses Bentong ginger with fragrant tea to give you a boost of natural goodness with a spicy ginger flavour.


It’s the perfect way to enjoy the healthy benefits of Bentong ginger instantly and fuss-free.


The CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea is pretty much easy to prepare. It is the instant type and all you need to do is just pour the contents of the satchet into 150ml of hot water and you’re done. But persobally, I prefer more diluted due to the strong pungent smell, so I add more water. It is up to you on how to prepare it, really. You may add a slice of lemon or a spoonful of honey too if that tickles you fancy.

Caroma Bentong Ginger [ENG] Long

Caroma Bentong Ginger [ENG] Long Language: English Duration: 3:20

The gingers that are used in CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea are grown in using soilless method. The gingers are planted in Bentong, Malaysia and is reputed to be more potent, fragrant and spicier compared to other varieties of gingers. CAROMA takes pride in using only naturally grown Bentong ginger for its products. Bentong ginger is said to be spicier, more fragrant and potent compared to other gingers, and using home-grown, organic Bentong ginger for the drinks.

100% soilless environment is:
free from heavy metal and water pollution, which means residue free ginger, and eliminates the need for deforestation and excessive land clearing.

That means you can enjoy enjoy the natural goodness of high quality Bentong ginger with this drinks, while doing your part for the environment.

Here are some of the potent medicinal properties of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea:

Ease nausea– One of the most powerful benefits of ginger is aiding with nausea. Whether you are dealing with motion sickness, morning sickness or general tummy troubles, the ginger tea can help you.

Relaxant and Stress-Reliever– The CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea is soothing and relaxing effect on bodily system. It helps ease tension, calm your body and balance your mood.

Improve Blood Circulation– Ginger has healing property and can help improve your blood circulation and as a result can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Apart from that, it also helps to prevent common flu.

Reduce Menstrual Pain
– Ginger tea can reduce your experience of severe menstrual cramps and other symptoms of PMS and menstruation.

Improve Your Digestion– The tea can help regulate your appetite, improve your digestion, help nutrient absorption and reduce bloating. Through helping your digestion, it can even aid weight loss.

Relieves MigrainesCAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea can help to ease pain, inflammation and tension and lower your blood pressure, all of which can be related to migraine pain.

Relieve Arthritis Symptoms-Warm compresses with ginger tea can significantly relieve arthritis joint pain and drinking it can reduce inflammation in your body.

Increase Fertility-Ginger consumed on a daily basis can increase the sperm count in men and can even help cases of erectile dysfunctions. Drinking ginger tea can help your sex life and improve your chances of having a baby if you are looking to start a family.

So, where to get this CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea? Well, so far this health drink can be found at Village Grocer outlets and guess what? In conjunction with the Village Grocer’s Health and Wellness event which is scheduled to be held from 1st to the 11th March 2018, you can get a free sampling of CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea. So if you happen to drop by at any Village Grocer during this period, you might want to have a taste of the tea before making a purchase


Free sampling of the ginger tea can be found at the following locations:

*Village Grocer Bangsar Village, Bangsar
*Village Grocer Mont Kiara
*Village Grocer Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara
*Village Grocer Desa Park City
*Village Grocer My Town, Cheras

CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea is certified Halal and is suitable for vegetarian.

For more information on CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea, check out:

Website :

Facebook : compensated dating hong kong

CAROMA Bentong Ginger Tea will be exclusively sold at Village Grocer, but if you’d like to buy them online, you may head over to 11Street and make your purchase. They’re available over there too.

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