Top Wedding Planner in Putrajaya: Ambassador Putrajaya by Hanana Group Sdn. Bhd.

What’s the standard age to get married for ladies these days? I’m not sure what’s the standard age for a lady to enter holy matrimony, but I got married at a pretty young age. I was just 18 when I married my college senior, now husband. We’re pretty much in love with each other and blessed with a son who is now already in his teens. 18 is quite young to be married and to be parents by the modern society’s standard. It would be an outright lie if I were to tell you that we had blessings from everyone. We honestly didn’t. We actually eloped. The solemnization was just between us and close friends. When my husband and I took our vows, we did not don any bridal attire nor there was a grand reception to celebrate afterwards. We didn’t care much for frilly things. What matters was that our union was legal in the eye of law and God.

People around us told us to our face that we are making a huge mistake and simply ruining our lives by tying ourselves down so early in life, but personally speaking, we did what was right for us and considering the situation, things turned out great and I kinda like being in my early 30s with a teenage son who in tow; whom is always mistaken as my kid brother instead of my son. Unlike most of the friends my age who just got married and stuck with all the headache of raising a baby, I’m already at the advance stage where I’m enjoying my life to the fullest where I actually do enjoyable things with my son like traveling and stuff instead of having to do things for him.

To date, my husband and I have been married for 15 years, going on 16 years. My only wistfulness is that we don’t actually have a beautiful wedding picture taken together. It’s not that we don’t have many beautiful pictures together…it’s just that we don’t have one in wedding attires and I guess I’m just being a woman deep down by feeling that way.

Anyway, let’s put my wistfulness aside. I don’t know when I’ll be able to take a beautiful wedding picture with my husband. We’ve talked about it but never really got around to do it. Maybe one day, we will. I don’t know. Whatever will be, will be. What matters is that we’re still happily in love with each other.

Weddings are generally a stressful affair for both bride and grooms. It is not just about the bride and groom but about pleasing the entire family and perhaps some 600 other people whom you barely knows; because let’s face it, the parents of the bride and grooms will be inviting their friends and entire clans to the wedding too. This is the ugly facts about weddings. My husband and I may have eloped and skipped all these headache, but I know for certain that this is something that most couples will choose to endure.

But don’t worry, people. We are not living in the dark ages. There are plenty wedding planners around. Here’s one place that’s offering a one stop wedding solution for newlyweds; Ambassador Putrajaya.


Located in the administrative state of Malaysia, Ambassador Putrajaya is an organization under the reputable Hanana Group Sdn. Bhd. and it’s offering a one stop wedding solution. Their packages includes:

*Wedding attires
*Event hall
* Bridal Photography service
*Invitation cards
*Emcee services
*Makeup services
* Bridal dais setups/hall deco


Here’s one of their packages, and they are currently having a massive promo that you might want to take advantage of.


Packages offered by Ambassador Putrajaya is inclusive of event hall and beautiful decos.


Wedding dais comes in a few different designs, so you can pick the one you fancy for your big day.


Catering is provided with delicious choices of menu for you to pick from.


As for outfits, Ambassador Putrajaya have plenty of beautiful wedding attires in their collection. Each one of the designs are uniquely glamorous in their own ways.

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They have designs that are traditional

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And here’s one that is uniquely modern.

Lovely, don’t you think? Definitely the Cinderella kind of material.

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Simply, yet elegant, perfect for those who wants frill-free wedding attire for their big day.


Whether you wanna go all traditional, modern or uniquely glamourous, all you need to do is just pick out the one that suits you best. No worries about the size. They have outfits fot all sort of sizes and shapes and alteration services is also available should you need it.


Your big day is meant to be memorable. You would want to be able to remember every single beautiful moments, and so, instead of nursing your migraine and stress while planning your wedding, why not sit back and breathe, and let Ambassador Putrajaya do all the work for you?

For more information, refer to the details below:


Hanana Group Sdn Bhd
92, Jalan Perak, Persiaran Diplomatik
Persint 15, 62050 Putrajaya

Website :
Facebook : Ambassador Putrajaya | Dirgahayu Putrajaya |
Dewan Perkahwinan & Seminar Putrajaya
Instagram : Ambassador Putrajaya | Dirgahayu Putrajaya

016 – 6700 457 [Farah] | 016 – 6700 752 [Hanis]
016 – 6700 473 [Rezza] | 016-4318 434 [Liana]

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