Heart Healing Advice That Actually Works

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Often when we see advice about getting over a breakup, or healing a wounded heart, the advice pertains to one gender or the other. For example, guys are supposed to visit strip clubs with their buddies, and girls are expected to go have spa days with their friends. It’s all very pretentious advice; guys, when was the last time a lap dance from a paid stripper made you feel better about a breakup? And girls, do freshly painted nails really take away the hurt?

Instead of offering the same old b.s., in this article we’ll go over four real, honest ideas for how to heal the heart – or at least how to forget about your ex for a day at a time in the early going. Here we go.

Drink – At Home, With Friends

Drinking is a tricky idea. Sometimes it’s exactly the solution you need; sometimes it’s a disaster, and you wind up pouring your heart out to your aggravated ex’s voicemail (not good). But drinking at home (going out can feel like a high pressure situation right after a breakup), with friends (drinking alone is just sad, unless you’re a brooding artist who actually enjoys Maker’s Mark) can be a blast. A couple drinks in with the people who care about you and you’ll find yourself laughing instead of crying – almost guaranteed.

Do Something Irresponsible

It’s inevitable after a breakup to worry about what you might have done wrong. Instead, try to take a different approach – do something else you might consider wrong. My advice? Visit the Casino at Betfair online. This is an online casino that’s nothing but a good time, offering you the full casino experience at a single website. I’m partial to sports betting and video poker myself, but live games, slot machines, etc. can also draw your attention. And after a breakup, doing something you’d ordinarily consider bold or irresponsible – like gambling a $200 hand in poker – can be oddly liberating.

Get In Shape – Quickly

There’s a temptation to overeat following a breakup. You know – lounge around watching re-runs of cheesy TV shows and stuff your face with oreos, and whatnot. If this really helps, go for it. If not, hit the gym hard, fast and often. This isn’t about distracting yourself, or “developing positive energy,” or anything worthless like that. Rather, it’s about something most of us want but won’t admit: winning. 6 months after your breakup, you want to be able to objectively look at yourself and your ex and say, “I win.” Being in the best shape of your life isn’t everything, but it counts.

Have Sex

If it feels too personal, fine – no one’s pressuring you. But don’t get caught up in feeling dirty, needy, or anything else negative. Human beings like sex, and intimacy with someone new, with no feelings attached, gets your confidence back up and helps you to gain some perspective.


Cleffairy: We’re all responsible for our own happiness. Don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise.

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