Himalaya Natural Protein 5 Anti Hair-Fall Shampoo Review

The stress of having to stay at home all the time due to the MCO 2.0 is really getting to me. I lost appetite, I don’t sleep well, and consequently, my body punishes me for it, and my hair started to fall alot whenever I brush them. It’s really scary because I can actually feel my hair becoming thinner.

So I tried these hair care product: the newly improved Himalaya Natural Protein 5 Shampoo (upgraded formulation); in Anti-hair Fall variant.

Himalaya Anti Hair-Fall set consists of Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Oil, Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Himalaya Leave on Treatment Cream.

Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Oil- This anti hair fall oil function as a hair growth stimulator. It prevents hair from thinning and relieves dry and itchy scalp.

Himalaya Anti Hair-Fall Shampoo- The shampoo provides nourishment for the hair all the way to the root, helps improve hair texture, strengthen weakened hair fall due to breakage and helps to nourish and reduces hair damage.

Anti Hair Fall Cream- The cream helps to reduce hair fall, strengthens hair follicles to promote hair growth and helps to nourish the hair and reduce hair damage.

Using this hair care set is pretty much straight forward, where you first need to apply the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Oil on the hair prior to washing before following up with a regular shampoo wash with the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and applying Himalaya Leave on Treatment Cream on damp hair after the wash.

I’ve been using this set of hair care items for about two weeks , here’s sharing my honest review on it:

First of all, I didn’t really find it convenient, because I’m not quite into elaborated routine, where I had to apply the oil before hair-washing, but I discovered after a few usage that this is quite relaxing and thereupeutic. I noticed that despite the hassle, it does have a plus point. It not only smell intensely refreshing but helps reduce my scalp’s itchiness after a few usage. Dandruffs are amazingly gone too. The shampoo have a real thick lather, so it is quite economical as you only need to use just a little bit of the shampoo at every hair wash, even if you have long hair like me.

Now, I’ll be honest with you, the Himalaya hair care products did not exactly stop my hair from falling, but this is perhaps I didn’t use it long enough yet to see the real effect yet. I have only used it for two weeks and just about two weeks, but it does significantly reduced the amount of hair from falling after each wash, so I guess it is quite good, considering I’ve only used it for just two week.

Here’s the showing you how much my hair has fall before and after usage. Hair fall is definitely reduced.

My hair is well moisturised. And I noticed that after using this Himalaya Anti Hair Fall set, my hair no longer looks limpy. My hair now looks like it got a nice volume, and styling is now much more fun to do. My hair feels softer and easier to manage and the best part is scalp itches less too. And oh, did I mention that these products smells really good? Well I guess I did. And let me stress this again, I absolutely love the scent of the shampoo and the hair cream.

The herbal-ish and flower-ish smell is so refreshing and at the same time, it’s also calming and helps me to go to sleep easier whenever I use it to shower at night. My husband commented that I smell as if I’ve worn perfume in my hair these days.The scent lasts for about 2 days, which is a real bonus.

So do I like the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Oil, Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo and Himalaya Leave on Treatment Cream? Well, despite disliking that it’s not an all in one type of hair care product as I’m all for all things convenient, I certainly grow to like them. ALOT. They’re really worth buying if you would like to stop suffering from itchy scalp and hair fall. And great for those who would like to increase hair volume too.

Will I recommend to others? Yes, it’s effect is not bad, considering I just used it for two weeks and my hair falls started to reduce. I definitely recommend these products.

Himalaya new Natural Protein 5 Shampoo is available in 6 variant;

* Anti Dandruff- Soothing&Moisturising: suitable to help fight dandruff and soothes scalp
* Anti Dandruff-Gentle Clean: suitable for hair with dandruff flakes
* Softness&Shine Daily Care: suitable for full and dry hair
* Smooth&Silky: suitable for rough and fizzy hair
* Repair&Generate: suitable for lifeless and damaged hair
* Anti- Hair Fall: suitable for weak and hair fall-prone hair

All these shampoo uses exotic herbs with Natural Protein 5 for hair structure replenishment. They are also free from preservatives like MIT,CMIT and parabens.

Himalaya Protein 5 Shampoo is available for purchase at Himalaya Boutique, and major drugstores like Watson and Guardian.

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