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It’s 2021 as of writing, and it’s been a year since the Covid19 pandemic has hits the world hard. The world is no longer the world that we used to know due to the impact that Covid19 global crisis has made; be it on a personal level or on a socioeconomic level. Showing no signs of receding anytime soon where the daily numbers of infections is still raising worldwide, many business establishments had to take drastic measures to stay afloat, and this includes those who are involved in the interior design industry, an industry that’s practically walks on a thin eggshells when the pandemic arrives our shores.

Realizing how important it is to make changes and adapt in this dog eat dogs world, plenty inspiring individuals emerges with wisdom and knowledge on how to take the Covid19 battle by it’s horn, and one of the prominent one in the interior design industry that’s worth mentioning is Ed Mun.

So who is Ed Mun? For those who are not in the interior design circles, Ed Mun is the founder of Space Utilisation Analyst. Having over 30 years of experience operating his interior design firm successfully under his belt, he aspire to make the interior design industry flourish again during this difficult times.

Due to the rapid changes brought about by the pandemic, Ed Mun sees the need to assist the interior design industry by sharing his experiences, knowledge and know-how to budding startups. Hence, he established his channel the ‘Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM)’.

The content serves to share his design thinking application, processes, and the realities of the interior design industry in hopes to improve the survival rate of interior design startups in a regulated but unenforceable industry.

A great breakthrough to bridge the gap came to light during the Covid-19 pandemic, when Ed Mun was given the opportunity to become Smart Selangor Delivery Unit’s (SSDU) office interior design consultant.

According to Ed Mun, SSDU’s requirement is to design a communal office that focuses on collaboration, open concept, free movement, encourage creativity, and even play at the same time. They wanted to create the workspace of tomorrow that focuses on breaking the silos amongst agencies and entities within the government. Ed Mun applied his trade specialty in holistic space assessment, and pushed his design boundaries is by incorporating scientific measurement, psychology of space, and Zen theory to develop a space for his client’s needs.

Inspired by Apple Park and Google Workspace, Ed Mun emulate collaborative elements, in short this design style is called “Wacky Office”. This style is about designing a space that is a perfect balance of work and play. The idea is to design an effective, flexible and tech savvy co-working space for people to come to work, explore ideas and sit down together to discuss. SSDU’s Center of Excellence (COE) will be the transformative co-working space that will spearhead their quest to a smart state by 2025.

“IIEM is all about bridging the gap between professional industry players with the consumers and budding interior designers. I believe there are many aspects of the real world that are not taught to budding interior designers in universities, that is why many set up and fail quickly.We are, after all entering into a new era, ‘The Great Reset, where the ways no longer applies,” he added while calling all youths to aware that the world evolving at an exponential speed and drastic changes is needed to adapt.

Believing that youths are the future leaders of Malaysia and how they play an important part in building the nation and shaping the country, he believes in passing on wisdom and experiences openly, hoping that young designers learn to practice good business ethics, finances for the long haul in the interior design industry.

“Given the right skills, I believe in them and the change, ” Ed Mun added.

His specialty trade secret of pushing design boundaries is by incorporating scientific measurement, psychology of space, human behavior and Zen theory to develop an original method of in space assessment, hence providing holistic, cost- effective solutions for his notable clientele that includes Samsung, Hong Leong Bank, Mary Kay, Volvo Malaysia, MURAD Beauty, Hong Leong Bank, Al-Madinah University and Fuji Xerox, just to name a few.

Ed Mun has started building his connections from since MCO was implemented in the year 2020, and has been sharing his master class since then on his social media platforms. From 2021 onwards, Ed Mun intend to share at least one master class video per month where he will continue to create insightful tutorial videos weekly.

Apart from that he will also be taking some time out from his working hours to connect personally through his ‘5 Mins With Ed Mun’ talk”. This will be conducted through LIVE sessions where one can connect with him personally on FB Live and IG Live every Friday at 3pm.

If you are an interior designer, or aspiring to be one, you might want to take a peek at all the sharing sessions that Ed Mun is hosting.

Insight Interior with Ed Mun (IIEM) is available on these social media platforms below:

Facebook : @insightinteriorem
Instagram : @insightinteriorem
Twitter : @insightedmun
YouTube : Insight Interior with Ed Mun
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