Homeless Style by Qif Alvarez, A Style That Never Goes Out Fashion

Normal is boring, but striving to be outstanding does not have to be a chore, at least not when you you know how to pick your wardrobe. When it comes to dressing up, I prefer elegantly classy and demure look over revealing clothing, but if you are looking for something tastefully sexy and different, you might want to consider Homeless Style collection by Qif Alvarez.

Simple daily street clothing made to look outstanding by skillfully shredding the fabrics in creative patterns, the collections is bold and out of ordinary. Definitely something you would want to wear to parties this festive season. It’s casually striking and almost a promise that head will turn towards you.

 photo IMG_395509187496094_zpsexieg9xo.jpeg

Qif Alvarez with his masterpiece. Yes. The Homeless style maestro himself, donning his creation.

 photo IMG_395501821826940_zpsslrrwntf.jpeg

Sporty and comfy goodie homeless shirt with hoodie.

 photo IMG_395559009987790_zpsnvh7ble0.jpeg

Strikingly outstanding, this orange outfit will definitely be eye catchy.

 photo IMG_395610208931869_zpszf9n8kaa.jpeg

Homeless style in breezy green. Great for outdoor chillaxing.

 photo IMG_397478560085980_zpsodgae9no.jpeg

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Goes well with accessories too, I must say.

 photo IMG_395549850287635_zpsue3putym.jpeg

Good things comes in pair. Couples would definitely appreciate this.


I sure wouldn’t mind taking a stroll in the park donning this.

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And for the ladies who are looking for something less revealing and yet still outstanding can consider this outfit. Definitely one of my favourite among the bunch.

Interested to get your hands on this collection? Just refer to the info below:

Qif Alvarez on instagram: @Qif.Alvarez_design
Email: [email protected]
FB page QAD
Whatapps: 01123588940

Picture credit to photographer MatKi Pendang.

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