Horse Insurance Companies

A friend of mine works in a horse ranch in South Yorkshire, England. He mentioned about during our most recent conversation regarding the care of domestic pets. He told me that it’s a company that offers insurance policy for horses and mares and many other kind of domestic animals.

After realizing that there is such thing as pet/animal insurance, I browsed around for companies that provides pet insurance policy for my pet cat, Meow Meow. You see, I was wondering if there’s such insurance companies in Malaysia.

I’m not exactly an animal lover. I couldn’t stand slimy reptiles. They spooked me and I avoid them like the deadliest plague on Earth, but I have special feelings for my cat. She is a part of my family, and I want the best for her. I want her to be covered by insurance and whatnot.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find any companies that provides insurance policies for all sort of pets in Malaysia. Most of them are overseas companies. What’s wrong with this country? We have all sort of insurance policy that covers alot of things, but no companies is offering pet insurance?

Other places in the world even have insurance for their racing/work/pet horses. When I was browsing for cat insurance policy for my Meow Meow, I accidentally stumbled upon a couple more of horse insurance companies that offer great insurance policies for horses as well as other kind of domestic pets, but I found that none of the companies in Malaysia are offering such a thing.

There’s no horse insurance companies whatsoever in Malaysia, and I begin to wonder if the horses I’ve been riding every now and then in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa have insurance or not.

This is really disheartening. It makes me feel that Malaysia is not a friendly place for animal and animal lovers alike. It really scares me that we hear about pet abuse and pet.animal neglect in Malaysia more than about people who love their pets like their own children. *sigh* I do hope that this country can be more animal friendly, regardless of what species they are.

Cleffairy: Aren’t they God’s creation too? We should love them, befriend them, protect them, not abuse them!


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