How Facebook Changed My Life

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Let me share something with all of you here. I’m a regular Facebooker. I spend a lot of time interacting with friends and acquaintances via Facebook. I have 3 Facebook account. One of it is solely for Facebook game purpose while the other two is my personal account that I used to interact with friends. Each of these accounts have different sets of friends coming from different backgrounds.

I stopped using one of it because of a very personal reason: which is that the friends in that particular account are not as motivating and inspiring as the new one. The newsfeed in my old Facebook account are usually full of negative status updates and things I’m not comfortable with. It is also full of judgmental people who thinks I’m an abusive and failed wife and mother. Accusation that I do not sit very well with.

Yes. These days I’ve stopped using that account and currently using the new one where I either do not befriend such people or I do not subscribe to their status updates. Plainly speaking, the current account that I’m using, the one that I’m actively updating serves to make me feel good about myself, and not the other way around.

One can easily accuse me for being picky and discriminating, but you have no idea how much such thing affected my life. Surrounding myself with positive people has made me feel better about myself instead of feeling inferior and insufficient. Surrounding myself with inspiring people who encouraged, inspire and motivate me instead of telling me that it is not possible for me to achieve something when I wanted to try something new made me a better and happier individual who feels that the sky is the limit.

Accidentally logging in to the older account that I’m no longer active in a couple of days ago after more thqb a year abandoning it actually gave me a culture shock. You see, I have yet to deactivate that account and once I was logged into that account, I was blasted by all sort of negativities and things that does not make me feel comfortable; from racist individual who condemned everyone who have faith in religion and God to judgmental parents who are more than determined to take their children’s childhood away by grilling them and forcing them to attend extra classes and tuitions as young as kindergarten age and not to mention those who rant and vent about their failed relationships were practically flooding the timeline.

That account was filled with all sort of negativities. The negative auras were somehow instantaneous. Out of sudden, I could feel depressed and anger filled me for no reason. I was shocked with my own reaction towards what I was seeing and I was immediately slammed with the fact that I was one of these people before I decided to change my life by surrounding myself with different kind of people who makes me a better person in while just by behaving positively.

I guess…it is true that who you have as your friends, even on social media reflected who you are, and Law of Attraction does come into the equation when it comes to attracting both positive and negative energy. I now surround myself with people who are positive and encouraging, and I definitely feel like I am a better and a more successful person than the person I was two years ago.

Yes, someway, somehow, Facebook did changed my life, by showing me that different sets of people in your life could affect you differently with just their status updates and the things that they decided to share on their timeline.

For what it’s worth, I’m glad that I decided to abandon the old account and stick to the new one instead. Truthfully, I feel much happier now.

It is nice to have friends who encourage me to get out of my comfort zone and friends who do not bash me for everything that I want to do. And it is certainly nice to have friends who actually told me that I am doing well as a mother instead of those who show off their spoiled brats and tells me that my child is retard and I need to do something to ‘fix’ him up because he is unfit to mingle around in the society
And it is definitely very nice that I no longer have to deal with people who find ways to comment negatively on everything no matter things are good or bad.

Yes…it is nice that I no longer have to be with those who are finger pointers and fault finders.

Cleffairy: I want to be the better and successful version of me. Not the insecure and depressed version of me.

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