How to get over a bad breakup?

How do you exactly get over a bad breakup? Well, I’m not qualified to advise those who are going through a bad breakup, but a good friend from school called me up yesterday and told me that things did not work out between her and her long term boyfriend (again!) and she was feeling all gloomy about it because her relative is getting married soon and she does not have a date to bring to the reception. I’m not really sure how to advise her, as she sounded really heartbroken when she spoke to me. She was practically sobbing away.

I married my first love, and I suppose I can say that I’ve been spared from horrendous episodes of breakups with my boyfriend(s), and not knowing how to advise people who are going through such a difficult phase, I usually tell people who confided in me to:

  • Keep the good memories but forget the bad ones
  • Keep yourself occupied so that you won’t think too much.
  • Make new memories every day. Go to places that you never go before, eat things that you never eat with the person that you’re breaking up with before, buy things that you’ve never bought with the person that you’re breaking up before, and live your life as you want to. Meet new people, travel to new places, etc.
  • Stop stalking their Facebook wall or Twitter
  • Stop calling or miss-calling
  • Stop texting

Not sure if the tips will work, but I believe that everyone deserves a second chance at love, and it is up to you on whether to seize it or not. Sure, you can sit there and be upset about it for months or even years and waste away but the fact will remain the same and you’ll never be happy if you don’t let go of the bad relationship. Why torture yourself when you can have a second chance at happiness? We only live once, so we should seize whatever chance and opportunities with both hands.

I believe in second chance, regardless how bad a long term relationship or even marriage turns out to be. Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness, so don’t let one or two bad relationship eats your youth away.


Cleffairy: Everyone deserves a second chance at happiness.



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