My Very Own Hot Desk at The Nomad [email protected] Kiara!

Have you ever wondered how your life would be like as an adult when you’re just a child? Well, when I was just a little girl, I’ve always imagined that I’ll grow up to be a journalist. Having heavily influenced and inspired by the famous Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman (very famous in the 90s) and Smallville series, I’ve always imagined that I will end up working in an office that is very much like Daily Planet,with a Superman of my own to help me out when I get into trouble with my boss.

My dream office…Daily Planet Newsroom.

But by the twist of fate, I did not end up working in an office like Daily Planet though I did in end up in journalism line for a while. Who would have guessed that I’ll end up being a novelist, freelance writer, a blogger and a work from home mother instead of a top-notch journo who spend her days buzzing around getting news and quotes like Lois Lane did in the Superman series? Nobody would have guessed.

My typical day usually consists of waking up, make breakfast for the kid, send the kid to school and while he’s at school, work on my writing projects while nibbling on snacks, pick him up from school, rush home to cook dinner if I decided not to eat out, make the boy do his homework, kick him to bed, get some minor housework chores done, turn on the laptop, start writing for my blog, finish up all of the remaining work for the day, get some chapters done for my novels and do some reading before finally going to bed and start the whole routine all over the next day without help whatsoever from anyone else. (Geez, some women are so lucky to have hired help or maid to help them out. I’d kill for some help in housekeeping department!)

I am not complaining though…not really, considering that I have flexible working hour and I get to be my own boss. I get to go where I like and do as I please. The only thing I need to do is just hit the dateline given to me. But as flexible as it is, I definitely could use some Superman of my own to help me out with my workload, public relations and not to mention a proper workstation to not only write in seclusion when the house is too noisy for inspiration, but also to conduct creative writing seminars and meet-up with my publishers and editors.

You see, I’m rather eccentric. My house is always in a constant mess, and getting organized is beyond me. The place is never fit to receive guests, I kid you not! So to have meeting with my potential clients and publishers at home is a no-no. I would love to get myself a proper office or a workstation, but then again, my savings account does not exactly stretch a mile. I can’t really afford an office of my own, what more fully equip it with hi-tech facilities of fill it up staff who would do all the menial work for me.

Lucky for me though, these days there’s plenty of companies providing virtual office around. I’ve surveyed a few and discovered that Nomad Office offers quite a competitive package to cater my virtual office needs. I was particularly eye-ing on their latest, the one that’s strategically located in Solaris Mont Kiara and so when I was invited to check out their facilities, I practically jumped at the opportunity. I was thinking, here’s my chance to get a proper office and workstation without having to apply loans and whatnot from the bank just to fund my needs for office.

I was informed that The Nomad Office catered a serviced office, which is the best solution for modern businesses, considering that the office is fully furnished with workstations (desks), phone line and Internet connection, completed with a full range of amenities, services and on-site support. Apart from that, you’ll also be supported by a dedicated team of receptionists, on-site IT support, housekeeping and maintenance. Housekeeping! Now that’s something I really can get used to!

Locker to keep your stuff

The best part of all, The Nomad Offices @Mont Kiara sports a hip and modern interior design, something that I could easily get comfortable with.The Nomad Offices @ Mont Kiara also has lockers and a chill out area with docking stations for tablets and mobile phones.

Definitely great for gadget addict like me who can never part with her gadgets. All this comes with dedicated secretarial and IT support, as well as regular technology upgrades.

My colleague, photocopying something while posing like a model.

Neway, I’ve been given a chance to try out of their service known as ‘The Hot Desk’. Hmm… does that mean I get to be as hot as Lois Lane? Hehehe… I certainly hope so! :P 

Take a look…and eat your heart out! MY OFFICE at The Nomad Office. 😀 Laptop is not included in the Hot Desk, however. The sweet pink Sony VAIO is mine. 😀

Yups, that’s me, at my Hot Desk for a day.

Awesome, huh? I  get to use the phone, which by the way, can be used to call the receptionist should I need any assistance. Blogging this live, I can say that the Internet speed is quite reliable, which is very important if you want to subscribe to any serviced office. There is no point subscribing to an office that has no reliable Internet, right? To me the Internet is the most important thing as that’s where my work actually is.

Pretty cool huh? Here’s a basic rundown of what they had to offer.

Serviced Office suites

Fully-furnished and well-appointed private office suites with dedicated administrative and IT support for your business.



 Virtual Office

Prestigious business addresses, professional receptionists and available business centres for non-traditional entrepreneurs. Hmm… non-traditional. Now that’s what described me best. And prestigious address would mean that I get to redirect all my mails in the office instead of at home. that would be awesome as I yet to solve the mystery of missing letters, documents and even parcel in the place that I sadly call home!

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Flexible meeting room configurations with audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, and complimentary bottled water, flipchart, stationery and mints. Yups, something that I could really use too, considering that there is demands for my creative writing seminars and classes.

Shared Office

Affordable office space with phone, Broadband Internet and networking opportunities.

Hot Desk

Temporary work space as and when required, with full access to office facilities and support.

Video Conference

State-of-the-art video conferencing equipment for rent by the hour at any time of the day.

Business Lounge

Semi-formal chill out area with complimentary Wi-Fi, reading materials, coffee and tea. Definitely great after a long day at work or an intense discussion with clients.

You and your clients can chill out here at the business lounge.

All work and no play makes me a dull person… so I do appreciate the play-station. Ahemm…okay…I admit, I’m impressed with this. I’m all for play while working. 😛

The pantry…fridge, microwave…in case you got hungry.

And there’s even an Espresso machine.

My colleague of the day…chilling out after work.

I may not be a Superwoman or a Supermum,  and the Nomad is nothing like my childhood dream office, the Daily Planet, but The Nomad Office could help me be SUPER by making me look good and provide me a conductive working environment. The Nomad Office is the choice of office that will suit my career. And I’m sure it will be yours too if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a freelancer.



  1. Cleffairy says:

    Hahahaha… yes, nice to meet you too. And nice to be in the same company as you. 😛 You’re not bad at treasure hunt. If it is up to me… aiyoyoyo… I confirm early oredi give up. I’m really clueless when it comes to deciphering clues. Early on during the first clue I oredi nearly wanna give up cuz dunno what we’re supposed to do. Lucky you and the rest was there. If the treasure hunt was an individual challenge… confirm I kaput liao la! 😛

    • Cleffairy says:

      Lol…working in a place like Daily Planet is my lifelong dream…until The Star that is. Stress gila babi. Lol. Now nvm la…work from home…and if can…settle for a Virtual office lorr…I need to have meeting with clients every now and den and host seminars once awhile aje. Takkanla wanna host meeting and seminars at home. You oso know my house macam nuclear war aftermath, bra and panties everywhere. Anyway their facilities is good. I like the common area, very relaxing. Got Espresso machine summore leh…wasehh…macam Starbucks pulak. Internet service…. ok la…not bad. I can say it is reliable. 20mb bandwidth. Not too shabby la. Good for young entrepreneurs and freelancers.

  2. Jess says:

    No wonder you won lah! Such a great post you wrote lah and within 1 hour.. how can that be possible! HAHAHA… anyway nice to catch up yesterday & congrats babe!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Courtesy of Karen for babysitting my boy and getting him off my back. All credits should go to her. Hahahahahaha…anyway…jokes aside. I’ll give you tips. Join Every November and also during summer, lotsa ppl will participate and try to write a whole novel of 50k words within a month. You also can use Write of Die writing software to help you practice writing within a limited timeframe. I usually set the thing in Kamikaze mode when I desperately need to finish up my novel or meet dateline. =.= But yesterday tarak use the software to kick my own ass la. I was motivated and kancheong enuff. Come la Jess, join me for NaNo la… every year i very lonely leh…nobody teman!

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